'You got this' Virtual Event for kids!!

You Got This!

I've been wanting to reach out to young people for some time and during our last Summit I was able to chat with one awesome young man.  He reinforced the importance of sharing my story and hope.  

We focus on supporting parents and professionals, offering new insights and strategies -- and these are all great and needed (hey, I'm also one of those people as well) but what is one of the most powerful steps towards learning in a way that fits our kids is their acceptance of who they are.  

So as I was considering the early bird offer for this fall -- it kinda hit me that I would offer a virtual event for kids (and their parents), so I could share my story with them and offer them hope and be inspired to show others what they can do.  To let others know they are not alone and have so many abilities within themselves is what started this journey in the first place.   

You Got This! Virtual Event

The VIRTUAL EVENT is called



As I do believe, kids that learn differently CAN MOVE FORWARD.  CAN SHOW OTHERS WHAT THEY KNOW. (am I yelling??  ummm no ,..well maybe slightly) I want young adults and kids to know they are AWESOME!!! (yes yelling again 🙂)


When you are an early bird you and your child can access the "YOU GOT THIS" VIRTUAL EVENT which is an online space for your child and you to listen to Susan share her learning experiences and talk to your child about their learning differences. She will review looking at their strengths and what to do next. Your child will have a chance to win prizes which you can pick up at the Summit and you will have access to the first few chapters of Susan's Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible Digital Book so your child can read it on their own devices.

Take steps towards inspiring and empowering your child's learning abilities. Allow them to gain confidence in who they are and what they can provide to the world.

More details will be coming soon!


** writing errors might appear...but the message is clear.  Be a voice for learning differences.  If you would love to volunteer as my editor.  I would love that.