Shift Your Thinking LD
It's Called Dyslexia
By Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia
Starring Cheyne Collins, Erik Everhard, Autumn Haze, Brandon Iron, Pat Myne
Embracing Dyslexia [Import]
Starring Aldo Canti, Magda Konopka, Aldo Bufi Landi, Malisa Longo, Giacomo Rizzo
Journey Into Dyslexia [Import]
Starring Jonathan Mooney, Phred Swain-Sugarman, William Keeney, Erin Brockovich-Ellis, Ben Foss

Technology & Tools for kids Susan Schenk - Helps you support your child to learn at the level they can understand (Dyslexia, LD, ADHD). 

Decoding Dyslexia Ontario -  This is a very active community.  Annette runs this organization and is extremely knowledgeable about dyslexia.

Elisheva Schwartz -  She has some great free resources for 22 Assistive Technology Tools for Student.  She also has a great favorites page.

Decoding Dyslexia -

International Dyslexia Association -

Dyslexia Training Institute -  - They also list some good documentaries to watch on dyslexia and LDs. 

David Flink - Founder of eye to eye.

 Luvin My Dyslexia with Cheryl Hooper This podcast interviews people with dyslexia and the issues that they face and the success that they can achieve.

Dyslexic Advantage A ton of information and resources on dyslexia. 



Tapping into Your Child's Strengths

Susan Schenk  - 2016  Resource Hub + Digital Library


Learning Difference Journey

Jon Scott - 2017 Spring Resource Hub + Digital Library

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