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You are here because you need more information about ADHD to help support your child.

You’ve come to the right place. We’ve been where you are and we don’t want you to do this alone so we created our nonprofit home just for YOU.

We want you to get support not just from us but from the experts we find throughout the world.

So how can you learn from these people and from us and our community? You can start by watching our Resource Hub speaker videos if you want to learn from your home from over 30 speakers. But you might be wanting a more personal touch where you can get support from experts but also us and the parents in our community through our Parent Membership Community. Join our waiting list and we will have you supported in no time!

And finally we love having live events and the event we host yearly is our annual Summit. It’s a blast. WE sold out last year and the speakers had a great time in our modern homely event.

If you are wanting to just take a look around…why not scroll down to see some of the online resources we have (but honestly it’s hard to keep up with all our resources but it’s a good start for you)

You’ll also see some of the blog articles we have and the books we love!

See you soon

Susan + Sperry



Assisting with Social and Emotional Regulations (with your ADHD child)

Heidi Bernhardt


Where is my….? Organization support for your family (ADHD)

John Tucker


Understanding My Child (behaviour triggers + meltdowns)

with Penny Williams


Anger and ADHD

with Erin Snyders


ADHD Books and Blog articles

Learn More -- Click on the Image

Learn More -- Click on the Image

Learn More -- Click on the Image

Learn More -- Click on the Image

Join the waiting list

Join the waiting list