Shift Your Thinking LD was created based on the desire to change how we view and approach learning differences such as dyslexia, learning disabilities and ADHD.  It was also created to help focus on the whole child -- not just one part but all parts -- home/school -- learning, emotional and physical health. As each child is exceptional and offers incredible gifts - so it was time to support this view and help parents and professional SHIFT how we view and approach learning differences.   

It’s time to make GREAT THINGS HAPPEN in the world of learning differences. Remove the shame and limitations and replace them with hope and abilities!!
— Susan Schenk

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Founder of Shift Your Thinking LD, CEO of Technology & Tools for kids, author of Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible


When you become a Mom, nothing can prepare you for the new world you are about to take on. The Mom world taps into parts of you, you never thought you had and somehow pushes you into the future, then into the past and quickly makes you focus on the present moment.  I have grown more as a Mom, than any other role in my life.  It was this role that made me walk out of my denial and shame about my learning and write my book Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible.  And through my story I want to support parents so they can help maintain their child's self esteem and allow them to see their learning abilities. Mom's (and Dad's) have a powerful role to play when it comes to empowering their child.  I know we don't always feel powerful but we can do it with the support of others.  


I worked as an Occupational Therapist in the school setting for 20 years.  I watched and I learned -- I looked at skills and how learning was viewed and what seemed to be missing when it came to supporting kids that were learning differently.  I had the passion to created change in this part of the learning world and so from my own learning and professional experiences my business was born! I stepped out to help parents support their children in a new way so they could see their learning abilities.  I then started to support other Occupational Therapist with my various online courses to allow them to tap into the power of technology when it came to developing skills, From my story came a new program Invincible Mama and finally the Summit and Shift Your Thinking LD Movement. 



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sperry Bilyea

Founder of Shift Your Thinking LD, Thrive by Design

The Mom Story -

I needed help.  I found Susan Schenk and she walked me through a life changing exercise to help my children in her Invincible Mama Program.  I have 3 awesome kids who all have some diagnosis or another either LD, ADHD and GAD (including their mom).  They are creative, quirky, funny,  out of the box thinkers and we love them this way!  They did not fit the school mold.  I saw their self-esteem go down the toilet. I searched for traditional and non traditional medical experts, social workers, nutritionists, meditation.  I found it confusing and overwhelming.  Our family ebbs and flows as all families do - I want to do the best for each child and help them truly thrive in the world.

The Biz Story

My whole career has been in the health and wellness industry in the US and Canada. My company is called Thrive by Design. Thriving By Design’s mission is to CURATE RESEARCH and experiences to help nurture curiosity in living a life that is intentionally focused on health regardless of age or circumstances.  Shift Your Thinking fits into this personal mission perfectly. Our hope is to start this community and give families who are just beginning this journey or are in the middle of it - the support, resources and encouragement that we were searching for in one place.  Shifting peoples thinking about learning differently one mind at a time.


Could it be that maybe we are “suppose to learn this way?
— Susan Schenk Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible

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