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Our Mission is to 


It's time to shift how we view and approach learning differences such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning (dis)abilities and Anxiety.  It's time to have a voice based on abilities.


we offer

different ways to gain the support and insights you need to help move you and your child forward. 

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Live Summit this November

Join us for our Live Summit this November 4th.  You will learn from experts while you are surrounded by parents and professionals that want to support YOU and believe in your child's abilities.  

REsource Hub + Digital Library

The Resource Hub + Digital Library allows you to learn from the experts at our past Summit and the upcoming Summit.  You can start to learn now by reviewing the videos, slides and resources.  You will then receive the videos of the upcoming Speakers for the fall 2018 Summit!  Right now we have over 30 speakers and their content to share.

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Our new community is coming

A place to gain insights into what you and your child need without waiting. 
safe place to talk to others that understand while learning from their experiences. 

A place to learn from experts monthly and have an opportunity to speak with them directly through video conference, along with monthly planning calls to get clear on your next steps

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Our Mission

To empower children and adults with a learning difference (Dyslexia, ADHD, Learning {dis}ability) to embrace their way of learning and being.  

To highlight the strengths and change the perspective and approach when it comes to learning differences without denying the social, mental and physical challenges. 

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Our Impact

We are having an impact globally.  Reaching people from the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, United States and across our country, Canada.

We have international speakers attend our Summit and join our Facebook Community. 

We are aiming for an international movement when it comes to embracing learning differences and the needs of our children as we know they ARE 'game-changers' of the world. 



thousands  of people Touched

Through our Website, Facebook Community and Support



countries reached with our message

We are reaching around the world to shift how people view and approach learning differences



Years Serving communities

Through our Live and Online Summits and Resource Hub + Digital Library