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Our Mission:


It's time to shift how we view and approach learning differences such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning (dis)abilities and Anxiety.  It's time to have a voice based on abilities.


Our Mission

To empower children and adults with a learning difference (Dyslexia, ADHD, Learning {dis}ability) to embrace their way of learning and being.  

To highlight the strengths and change the perspective and approach when it comes to learning differences without denying the social, mental and physical challenges. 

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Our Impact

We are having an impact globally.  Reaching people from the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, United States and across our country, Canada.

We have international speakers attend our Summit and join our Facebook Community. 

We are aiming for an international movement when it comes to embracing learning differences and the needs of our children as we know they ARE 'game-changers' of the world. 



thousands  of people Touched

Through our Website, Facebook Community and Support



countries reached with our message

We are reaching around the world to shift how people view and approach learning differences



Years Serving communities

Through our Live and Online Summits and Resource Hub + Digital Library


Our Membership Program

As our community grew from Canada to worldwide, we had to grow into a new platform to service the parents that need support to help their children who learn and feel differently.  We wanted to offer hope and insight into what they could do without feeling overwhelmed.  

Our Membership program is in it's development stage to ensure we can offer the 'bite-size' content that parents can easily apply to their family's life.   

The different subject areas we will be covering are listed below.



Learning is a BIG part of learning differences. How to best support your child's way of learning to allow them to see their learning ability is needed to maintain their self esteem and to empower them to have a voice for their learning methods. 

emotional health

Emotional health is the focus for you (the parent) and your child to work through some of the challenges you both are facing.  Emotional, social, and mental health issues are ever present in the world of learning differences and now is the time to address these needs.  


How to do you approach discipline when other issues are causing anger and frustration.  How do you support your child in a way that allows them to be empowered and not hopeless.  Parenting  support is needed to guide your child. 

physical health

Your child may face physical health issues that see parellel to their learning differences.  The gut-brain connect is an area we will address to support your child's physical, mental and emotional health to ultimately support their abilities to learn.  

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Live Summit  2017

“Get connected (with Shift Your Thinking). It is an incredible opportunity to know there are many people out there with a wealth of experience that can help guide your story in very impactful ways.”

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Our Team

Our team is made up of the founders of Shift Your Thinking LD, Susan Schenk and Sperry Bilyea. And many volunteers that have come to support us as we have taking our vision into action to create this space and community for our learning differences movement

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REsource Hub + Digital Library

The Resource Hub + Digital Library is the content we gather at our live Summits.  Right now we have over 30 speakers and their content to share.

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As a non-profit organization, we are open to receiving your donations to support our Shift Your Thinking LD movement.  

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