Back to School it fun or NOT!

Back to School Shopping...

Ahhhh, the purchase of fresh clean pencil crayons, the latest funky lunch bag, white out, new glue sticks, good pens and mechanical pencils is a fall ritual for many families. In the retail world, it is marked as one of the biggest retail "holidays" of the year. expectations. 

September for me feels a little like New Years.  Fresh start. Establish fall goals and expectations. Our family uses this week to get back gingerly into a semi routine.  I could not bear to look at any back to school deals or TV commercial until this week.   We are heading out this week but if you shop at Costco you better have gone last month!  

I have to say that the past two years my whole family loves the back to school shopping. I asked the kids why?

They said they love the deals and the feeling of a fresh start.  Don't we all.

However, some children really dread going back to school and so the last thing they want to do is back to school shopping.  I admit when school was not going well for my one son I would use back to school shopping as a try to get him at least open to starting school in the fall.

There are some great deals out there.  Happy Shopping!

Ps. Our favorite pens of all time are at Costco.  They come in a package of black, blue and red.