Five back to school supplies + tips

five back to school supplies and tips

They are tons of back to school supplies but what one will be helpful for your child? Here are a few ideas and tips.

1. A Large Binder: To help your child keep all their school papers and tools together consider using a large binder with dividers instead of many binders.  If your child has difficulties keeping track of their things then keep it simple and have ONE binder for all subjects.  Make sure there is a place to hold pencils, pens and erasers! 

2. Sticky notes: To help your child get any steps in writing - have sticky notes available.  They can ask the teacher to write down each step they need to take and then return to their desk with instructions in their hand instead of trying to remember everything they were told.

3. Highlighter: If your child has difficulties copying down the work on the white or blackboard - they will need a highlighter to highlight the main points on the copied notes provided for them -- ideally before the class but even after will work to allow them to highlight the points they heard during the discussion (instead of tuning out and not hearing any points as they were too busy trying to print and copy down each point).

4. Technology device:  A device that will allow your child to listen to words they can't read or write out ideas without the concerns of spelling their words correctly.  The device can be as simple as an older iPod.  It doesn't have to be fancy but you do need a strategy to use it at home and school. 

5. Back up Supplies:  Always keep some of the school supplies at home for backup.  Only send a few pencils, pens, erasers etc.  Then when your child returns from school...check their supply...what do they need?  Refill the supply and they will be confident that they will have what they need the next day.