The balance between holistic and conventional approaches for your child with ADHD or dyslexia



Do you struggle to figure out what your child needs when it comes to their attention, learning needs, etc?

Do you think a natural approach is the best for your child but when your results are limited you feel something is still missing -- and it leaves you wonder if you need to look at more conventional approaches?? Or possibly the other way around??

If so you are not alone.

This is a VERY COMMON issue and we have discussions about this inside our Parent Membership Community a lot. So when I found Sonia Cassiacarro and we discussed the battle that can go on with the holistic vs conventional approaches I knew this was a topic she had to cover for us!!

There is a way to find the balance between the world of holistic and conventional approaches so you can offer your child what they need so they can thrive at home and school.

Sonia walks the members through her parenting journey but also how you can figure out what your child needs as well.

You don’t have to feel trapped in one approach or the other. Download this sample workbook to get you started in reflecting on your approaches and what progress you are seeing with your child. But don’t stop there, join us inside our Parent Membership Community so you can dive into all the content and talk directly with Sonia, a registered psychologist, to answer your pressing questions.

We can’t wait for you to find out ways to step out of this ‘battle’ and into a more balanced view of all approaches and best address your child’s needs!