It’s a jungle out there. How to select the right professional when it comes to your child’s ADHD, dyslexia or anxiety?

Picking the right professional and resources

It’s a jungle out there.

I mean. There are a lot of resources and professionals to select from when it comes to ADHD, dyslexia, learning disorders or emotional health.

And this can lead to you ransoming selecting someone to support you or not moving forward at all because you feel you are not clear on what you should do next.

You may have questions in your mind such as:

What do I focus on first when it comes to helping my child?

Who is the best professional to support my child …and ME?

Do I need a professional now or later?

Should I review Google my way through this or get some support to make sense of it all?

When you are walking through a new experience with your child, it can feel like you are walking through an unknown land (kinda like the jungle)

Without some guidance, the new terrain will seem overwhelming and you might just want to stop or turn around and go back to where you were but these options doesn’t help you or your child move forward.

So how do you get through this unknown terrain and get the support and professionals you need?

You ask someone who’s been there but not just anyone — a person that offers you guidance.

With guidance, you are able to stop and review where you have been and what you need support with next. With guidance + knowledge, you will pick up the right tools to make your way through this new terrain one step at a time. And overtime, you will learn what to focus on and what resources need to be looked at further as you will start to learn more about the new ‘land’ and will gain confidence in your skills and decisions.

I’ve watched this happen inside our Parent Membership Community. Members slowly walking through the concerns they have, learning from each month a new piece of insight that allows them to move forward and support their child.

Members started to watch and understand their child in a new way — with guidance and the right amount of information. They were making a plan for the next few weeks — then reviewing what worked and what did not. As they digged a little deep in one area…they were getting clearer on what needed their attention and then, it happened, they were very clear on what professional was needed to help them and their child with the next part of their journey.

So guidance, knowledge and support offers you a unique roadmap that fits you and your child.

There is no one-size-fits-all for your journey but there are supports that can offer you the ability to insight and knowledge in order to support your child and yourself — which will eventually allow you to select the professional that fits what is needed for your journey.

Take aways:

  1. You need guidance to gain clarity on what to focus on to help your child.

  2. You need support to review information and strategies.

  3. You need time to gain insight about who and why you need a selected professional for your child.


Join us so we can support you!

Susan Schenk