3 Authors. 1 Event. = An Awesome Shift Your Thinking Summit Experience

3 Authors and One Event!! Shift Your Thinking Summit this Fall

I think there are two things we tend to do when we are looking for answers to help our children that have dyslexia, ADHD or anxiety :

  1. WE Google it - which can leave us searching for hours to find something that relates to our situation.

  2. WE find a great book - that walks us through a similar life experience or feelings and offers us insight into what we can do to support ourself and our child …and makes us feel understood and less alone.

So why not add one more thing to this list

How about listening and meeting some amazing Authors — live in person — with the option to buy a copy of their book while experiencing a place that offers a home feeling where you can sit back and relax knowing the parents and professionals that are there with you, understand you and the journey you are on when it comes to topics such as ADHD, dyslexia and anxiety.

Sounds great doesn’t it? Well it honestly is!

You can experience this at our upcoming Shift Your Thinking Summit where we will have 3 authors and 1 awesome event called the Shift Your Thinking Summit.

So who are the authors?

Summit Speakers 2019 .jpg

Deborah Reber from Tilt Parenting Podcast will be there with her book:

In this generous and urgent book, Deborah lets the light in. She helps parents see that they’re not alone, and even better, delivers a positive action plan that will change lives
— Seth Godin, author, Linchpin

Amanda Stern will be there with her book:

Stern’s frank, funny memoir about living with anxiety...will have chronic worrywarts laugh-crying with recognition.
— O, The Oprah Magazine
Brave, fiercely funny...a brilliant read that offers hope for anyone burdened by anxiety.
— People Magazine

Susan Schenk from Shift Your Thinking will be there with her book:

I was amazed throughout by the vividness of your descriptions. No one who has had any kind of school struggles forgets the angst of those years, but I found your memories especially moving and ultimately inspiring.
The detail recounting of your thought processes all along the way, of the critical need to understand how one learns, and how technology can help [and about] your ongoing parenting journey — [all] so rich with candid and helpful insights.
— Krys Kornmeier, filmmaker, Normal Isn't Real

With these Author’s talks and insight along with a ’homey’ modern atmosphere with couches and a catered lunch served right there — you will feel calm and hopeful when it comes to your child and their way of learning and being.

We want you to experience our Summit and walk away with insight, hope and empowerment. You can get your tickets now so you can be part of this life changing event!

P.S. The Summit is September 29, 2019. Use the early bird coupon code to get 20% off the ticket price until June 30th.

P.S.S. If you want to buy the books before the Summit just click on the book image above and ‘boom’ you can buy it!