Why did we use the word Summit?

Sonia crowd.jpg

When I first experienced speaking to parents of children with learning differences (disabilities). I couldn’t help but observe a few things when I was there.

There was limited talking or connecting.  There was no space to do this -- that felt comfortable.

There was a limited exchange between attendees and speakers after their talk. The speakers spoke and left — the parents moved onto another person with limited hope on their faces.

There was no mix of parents and professionals coming together for the same reason.

I knew in my heart this had to change.

Maybe it was my experience in the business world and the conferences I had attended where everyone chatted and supported each other.

I’m sure this changed my view of what I wanted for these parents. A place where they could feel safe to talk to each other and to the ‘experts’. A place where they could really express their feelings of hope or frustration. And where they could be on the same ground and respect as an expert.

Thoughts of speaking at this type of event lead to us (myself and Sperry) talking about the possibility of our own event.

We planned and the Summit was born.

Summit was the word selected - not conference - as Summit means "any gathering of people who care deeply about the same topic" and it also means a "higher place".

We care about learning difference but also about moving forward to a higher newer place where no shame and blame exists.

So the Summit was created and we are on our 2nd year and 4th Summit.

Our last Summit was sold out on Nov 4th. Woo Hoo!

We had a mix of parents and professionals in the same room sharing and learning.

It was what I had always pictured and it was coming true.

Now if you wanted to be there but didn’t get your ticket in time or it just didn’t work for you. You can still watch the speakers, review the slides and look at any handouts that were part of the talk.

You can access the videos through our Resource Hub + Digital Library which has all our Summit speakers in one place.

The videos will be uploaded as soon as we get our hands on them!

But don’t wait for that…start to watch the other speakers and content first and then dive into our 2018 Summit after that!!

Our 2018 Summit Speakers were:

  • Sonia Mastrangelo, a Self-Reg Consultant, an associate professor at Lakehead University and her topic on Self Regulation: A powerful method for understanding and responding to your child's stress, energy + tension. 

  • Lynne Newman, a Simplicity Family Life Mentor, Occupational Therapist, and Author and her topic to Simplify your approach to support you and your child at home.  

  • Elisheva Schwartz, a dyslexia consultant, owner of the podcast The Dyslexia Quest, and her topic on Perfectionism and Learning Differences.

  • Susan Schenk, Author, Co-founder of Shift Your Thinking and Occupational Therapist talks and her topic on  Homework Battles and how to move from tears to strategies.