Resilience + Learning differences

When you can push through the difficult times and keep going -- you are resilient.  But it's not as easy and wonderful as it sounds.  We don't want difficulties or resistance or failure.

As an adult we can push through adversity (most of the time) but when we see our children struggle it's not a great feeling.  We want to solve the issue and make it better. 

We want to remove the tears and frustration. 

I get this. 

So what can we do?  What is helpful?

Well, we will be touching on this during the Summit this May 13th because the topic of resilience is important.  

Resilience from a personal perspective has allowed me to keep going when I have failed, particularly with my learning.  I became determined and persistent even when I faced big barriers and obstacles.  I learned to pick myself up many times as a child and an adult. 

However, I did not walk away without a few cuts and bruises. My self-esteem fell because of my learning - but I kept that hidden.  I didn't understand my way of learning -- and this lead to doubt and a lack of trust in myself and my abilities.

So I believe when we are guiding our children through the difficulties they are facing....we also need to make sure we are bringing along their self esteem and understanding.  

If we (the community) can start to talk about our own learning differences and how we learn and what we need help with -- then the self esteem and shame will go away.  The acceptance will increase and the comfort to learn in a different way will be 'no big deal'. Yes, it will still require a lot of work -- it does right now.--but it will be easy to be "who you are" without judgement and shame .

 I envision learning differences becoming just like 'braces and eye glasses' -- at one time, no one wanted these devices, and now everyone wants them.  What made this shift?  Ask yourself this and with the answer we can make a big shift in how kids feel about their learning difference.

I want kids to see children with learning differences as the incredible kids they are -- while they use the devices, strategies and tools they need to learn in a way that fits them.

Everyone will want an iPad and laptop for their learning  -- and no one will view it as cheating.