Are you an Early Bird?

Lately, I've been getting up early, which is 5:15 am for me.  It's not easy but there are advantages. I get my walk in.  I have my lemon water and get my journalling done before my 'work' day really begins.  My day starts sooner and I have time to take breaks during the day for other things.  

So getting up early has advantages. And I guess that's why we say that early bird tickets have an advantage -- because these tickets offer something you can't get at other times.  

The early bird tickets for the May Shift Your Thinking LD Summit are now available and we don't want you to miss out on this opportunity.

You might wonder what the advantages are to these tickets.  

Well, the obvious one is the savings.  The cost is lower when you invest sooner.  But also the ability to plan.  You know that on May 13th you will be heading to Shift Your Thinking LD Summit to learn and connect with others. This is priceless.  I know when I have a plan in advance it does help cut down on some of the crazy runnin' around that can happen when I leave things to the last minute (it still happens I gotta be honest but I don't want this for you!) 

The next advantage is you get access to the 2016 Video Package from our last Summit.  The video package offers all the videos of the speakers, both at the live event and online speakers, so you can watch and listen to the Summit now. 13 videos for you to watch before you come to the live event!  You also get to review all the slides and download the resources the speakers offered.  

We want you to get all of these resources and a ticket early so you can get the support you need.  

I hope you will be an early bird and grab these opportunities today


P.S. Available until April