Nutrition - Brain and Gut Connection - May Summit Experts

nutrition - the gut and brain connection at Shift Your Thinking LD Summit

We are so excited about the speakers and experts we are going to have at the Spring Summit in May and online video package. We have met some amazing people over the last year working on this project all over the world. It was important for Susan and I to have experts that have research, tonnes of experience and the passion to help others and push the envelope in their respective fields. In Nutrition, we have the following experts:

Dr. Aileen Burford-Mason, PhD, lecturing on what kids need to eat and why. She is a biochemist, immunologist and cell biologist and a widely recognized expert in the field of vitamins and their appropriate use in health maintenance, healthy aging and the prevention and treatment of disease. Aileen has written books and she is able to speak "common speak" about Omegas, probiotics & much more re gut. 
Ciara Foy (pronounced “Keera”) helps overachievers understand their health. By helping them prioritize their internal life and create room for self-care, she gets them on track towards becoming their happiest, healthiest, most efficacious selves. She has a private practice in Toronto and is extremely knowledgeable in the gut mind health connection and will be facilitating a workshop on this topic.
Dr. Irina Matveikova is a family doctor, endocrinologist and clinical nutritionist from Spain. She is going to be our online expert for the Spring Summit. We will hopefully see her in person in the summer. She has the full picture - has written many books and her specialty is working with children who are on the spectrum and biome footprint of our gut.