SYT's 2018 - What lies ahead?

2018 Shift Your Thinking Plans

Let's look back at a few of my favourite SYT 2017 memories as this always helps with determining the direction of 2018. 

1.  Our community continues to grow.  We belong to many online groups but we love the energy and personality SYT online group has taking on.  We believe our view of learning differences and the positive outcomes that our children can have on the world are taking hold in this group. We have comments such as, " I love this group because I feel like we're all in it together." Members have talked about how positive the group is in how we view and approach learning differences.  We have people joining from all over the world.  One of our original manifesto items was to break down the borders.  It is starting to happen.  Hearing stories about your families, your fears, victories, challenges or how you helped a child understand -- we love hearing them.

 2.   Our live Summits allowed us to connect personally with some amazing families and speakers sharing knowledge about anxiety, nutrition, self compassion, accommodations, how to view learning differences, connected parenting, technology and so much more.

3.  We found some incredible partners including schools and practitioners all aligned with the same mission where we can support each other and shift society's focus on how they view learning differences and behaviors.

4.  We have support by 2 amazing people, Norie Marfil and Sharon Holmes, who have helped us with strategy about how we want this community to grow.  They continue to challenge us on how to think and scale so we can reach more families.

5.  I get to work with Susan who simply is a beautiful soul.

So what lies 2018.

1.  We will be hosting live and online workshops.  We will continue to try to bring all stakeholders and experts together to connect, learn and support.  

  • Dr. Irina Maveikova will be back in the spring (April) to offer a more in-depth workshop about food and your child's brain and intestine health.  She offers a whole perspective on health and the brain spectrum is so valuable and needs to get out to our community. 
  • Dr. Meg Popovich who is an amazing speaker and she is going to talk about stress and anxiety in the home and how to manage better. 
  • Susan Schenk will be teach technology strategies when it comes to reading and writing skills. 

2.  We have some amazing talented people that have learned to cope and function with their LDs. We are going to continue to interview and share their stories.  

3. We will continue to share resources and be a resource to families who have been on this journey a long time or are just starting this journey.  We want to break down the shame,  frustration and empower parents, kids, educators and professionals.  

4.  We are working on trying to get some funding so we can continue and grow the community across the US, Canada and overseas.

5. Our 2018 Summit - we be online this year to allow our distance community to join us and our speakers online.  Stay tuned.

6.  We are going to continue to work on the foundation of this non-profit so it has the ability to grow and support this community.

7.  We will continue to search for schools, educators and professionals who are willing to partner with us.

We are here for you as we understand this journey and no one should have to do this alone.  We want to shift how we view learning differences from negative to positive and now we can with your support.

We are in this together. 

Sperry (& Susan)