How is Shift Your Thinking Parent Membership Community different?

How is your Shift Your Thinking Parent Membership Community different from the workshops and other online videos or content?

Great question!!

If I was to email you directly based on this question…this is what I would say:

Hey incredible YOU

I'm glad you reached out to ask us what we have to offer you.  

You mentioned that you have attended workshops for ADHD and other learning differences -- along with some online content as well.

First of all, your search for more information to support your child is fantastic and based on this, I know you would be a great member inside our Parent Membership Community!!

Shift Your Thinking PMC is different in that it offers support to work through the information you receive each month with our Monthly Expert Q + A call.  You also receive a Monthly Planning Call with us to provide you with space and time to plan each month to help you move forward and gain the encouragement you need to walk through some challenging work.

We also have an awesome private community that supports each other in our Facebook group but also on our live calls.  

We focus on all areas of your child, so you don't have to go to different groups for different content such as one group for anxiety or depression and another group for ADHD, etc. We focus on all aspects and bring this together, so one area connects with another instead of you making those connections yourself. 

I'll give you an example: One member joined our PMC due to her son's anxiety.  She reviewed the Monthly Expert's content (videos + workbooks) and attended the live Expert Q + A calls; as well as joining in on our Monthly Planning calls. With this level of involvement she was able to identify that her son was dealing with dysgraphia and was able to set up more accommodations for that. 

After a few more months, with more experts, live calls and discussions with her son, she figured out that her son’s attention was also an issue and was possibly connected to his anxiety. Appointments were set up to address this issue as well. At the end of this school year, he was able to complete a course that she thought he wouldn't be able to finish this year! 

The point is, at first she just saw everything her son was dealing with as anxiety, but as she moved through the monthly content with the experts and us, she was able to dive in deeper into other areas, such as his learning and attention, and get him the support he needed. 

But what I really love is that she was applying the information and talking to him after she had gained some insight through what she had learned. I could go on about the gains this one member has made, but I feel this gives you an idea of how Shift Your Thinking is different and how our content and ongoing support can offer something more. 

I hope this helps you understand what we offer inside our Parent Membership Community. 

If you have any other questions, please let me know.  

We'd love to support you as well!

Susan + Sperry