1. HOw is this event different from other conferences on learning disorders, ADHD and Dyslexia? 

This event is about opening the doors to the inside world of learning differently and then tapping into how to best support your child's learning in a way that is powerful for them.  When you have speakers that have lived with a learning difference or have been a parent of a child with a learning difference -- you are offering insights that are real and offer not just powerful solutions but inspire others to shift how they are viewing learning differences. 

2. my child has autism (or another diagnosis) and i think this summit will support me - can i attend? 

YES!  You can definitely attend the Shift Your Thinking LD Summit.  It offers great resources and support for many parents.  The information is directed towards learning differences however many topics will be helpful for you as a parent. Please come and attend the summit or buy the video package to watch at home! 

3. If I can't make it to this summit - what can i do? 

You can buy a Resource Hub & Digital Library which offers all the speakers and content from ALL the Summits!  You can then learn at home.  You will access all the videos and content provided by the speakers.  You will also have access to our Resource Page -- links to websites, books, tools, other speakers etc. You don't have to miss a thing!  

4. is the summit just for parents? 

No.  If you are a professional and you want to learn from the Speakers at the Summit - please come and join us.  You can either come to the live event or access the Resource Hub & Digital Library (when the doors open).  Either way you can add in that time for your educational hours!  

5. Why do I need to be a part of the Shift Your Thinking LD Summit? 

  •  You need to have hope.  Hope that you can support your child and your child has awesome gifts and talents to offer the world.
  • You need clarity in what is going to help you and your child -- not just in their learning -- but in their overall health (physical and mental) because it;'s all related!
  • You need to know you are not alone by having a supportive community around you. 
  • You need to take time for you so you can step away for a few hours to gain a new perspective.
  • You need to hear about options and strategies you may not have considered yet. 
  • You need to be reassured that you are on the right path. 
  • You need to see all your child's abilities in a new light. 

Yes, we could go on and on because we are here to support you.  We listen to your suggestions and reach out to find the people to support you.