Why look at nutrition and the gut when it comes to Learning Differences?

I know you might be asking WHY?

Why talk about the gut and Learning Differences?  The answer.  Because the gut takes a big hit when kids are under stress.  When they are dealing with shame about their learning and the emotional part of this.

Not only is nutrition important for kids but for parents. How are we dealing with the stresses? How does this impact our health and ability to cope? We are the leader when it comes to any change in our household so when it comes to food and health -- we are it!

We received feedback from Shift Your Thinking LD Summit Parents and they asked for more support for them so they could support their children.  It makes sense. So let's look at health - and let's start with nutrition. 

Sperry found a great article that talking about the gut and the brain.  And in the article is says

"Our gut communicates with all cells in the body, which means that disturbances in the gut can show up as disturbances in the brain (and vice versa). As a matter of fact, the brain actually kicks off digestion before the gut — we secrete acids and digestive enzymes before even swallowing the first bite of a meal!"

If your child is dealing with the fight and flight that is part of surviving when it comes to their learning -- this may (most likely does) have an impact on their gut which has an impact on their brain.  So we need to look at this important part of the body.

Susan Schenk