We have FANS at Shift Your Thinking!

We have FANS at Shift Your Thinking

We love getting feedback from our FANS at Shift Your Thinking.  The Summit in May was another wonderful day.  We connected with new people and saw ah-ha moments happening right in front of our eyes.  

Parents reflecting on their own learning experiences.

A parent stating they had received more knowledge in one hour than many years when it came to technology (blush...).  

People accepting how they learn and young adults ready to take on the world.  (read this article about a young teen) 

What else are they saying?  Read their comments below: 

I felt very connected due to Sperry’s ability to draw us in and make me feel like a contributing part of the Shift your Thinking village. I appreciated the CALM way of connecting with my child. Susan did a great job of helping me better understand accommodations and modifications - this helped my attitude a LOT. Ciara explaining how if we starve the bad bacteria in our gut the cravings will diminish. Hallelujah! There is hope for my sugar addiction yet. I LOVED what Dr Aileen shared. I am eagerly anticipating her slides and reading her book. I will be soaking it ALL in. Hanada’s workshop was just what I needed. It was the first time in weeks I was able to sit for a few minutes and ponder how I wanted to plan my support for my daughter.
Get connected (with Shift Your Thinking). It is an incredible opportunity to know there are many people out there with a wealth of experience that can help guide your story in very impactful ways.
Anyone looking for support for YOU on how you can help and support your child with a learning difference...this was awesome! AND...you can get it online! So many great, simple tips, technology and other resources. Heartened to know that there are some amazing people and options to help fit your child instead of fix them!
THANKS Susan Schenk! Great presentations but also great conversations between sessions!
Great parenting conference, well rounded and holistic, looks at kids and parents as whole beings, not just their problem areas.
I’ve watched about half the summit online. So still have more to take away. I really enjoyed the presentations on resiliency and tech. Enough to rewatch both.
My greatest take away from SYT in general is that the whole community encourages a growth mindset for children and for parents.
It is a great summit to connect with other parents and learn strategies to help your child thrive.
What would you tell others? COME! Well worth the time.

We also have a facebook group (that you can join) and in this group we received comments like this: 


This is just the beginning, my SYTing tribe.  We will shift how we view and approach learning differences -- we will continue to focus on the positives while helping your child see all of their abilities.  We will support YOU the parent so you can support your child.  

You can do this.  We are here for YOU. 


Susan Schenk