Top 3 reasons why getting your kids outside this summer is essential

top 3 reasons why you want your child outside this summer

If you live in Canada, you know there are only a few months of the year that you can get outside and enjoy the heat and the sun.  So the question should be WHY would you want to be indoors in the summer?  I'm just kidding but let's chat about the 3 top reasons why getting outside is essential for your child. 

Yes I used the word ESSENTIAL because nature and outdoor spaces offer something that indoor spaces do not. 

move. inspire. happy.

3 reasons to get your child outside 

1. To Get Their Body and Mind Movin'

  • There is more room to walk, run, bike, swim, play, jump...etc etc outside.  A. LOT. MORE. ROOM. Remember when you ran around the house as a child and your Mom would say 'get outside' that was because there was more room to do what you wanted to do.  
  • When your child is outside and moving they experience nature and sensations that they can't indoors. The sights, noises and smells of the outdoors offer sensations that are calming yet make you feel alive which lead to the next point...
  • It makes kids feel great.  They is something about being in nature and moving that lifts your mood.  Fresh air. Birds. Animals. Grass. Flowers. 

2.  To Get Inspired

  • Being outside moves kids out of their boredom.  They see living spaces to challenges in front of them.  
  • The outside spaces offers the ability to imagine and create a world of fun ...and play comes to life!  Their playhouse becomes a ship.  The tree is the home to their new life and world. 
  • They want to learn from the animals and creatures in front of them.  Worms.  Birds. Bugs.  etc. What happens when you place a frog in a puddle will it stay there? (that was my question as a kid...and the answer was NO but I still remember the question and the activities that went along with it!  

3. To Get Happy 

  • If your child is in a not so good mood...go outside.  Don't overthink it.  It just works.  
  • Play a game.  Twister.  Basketball. Hopscotch. Tag.  HIde-n-seek.  
  • Being outside shifts your views and helps shift you moods.  It brings stress levels down and suddenly you don't feel so tired.  
  • Ask your child how they feel after being outside.  Help them to see how it impacts their mood and sense of being. 

So are you ready to get outside?  OH YES!  Let's do this and help our kids reflect on what it has offered them (and honestly,  you as well) 

Get outside with your kids...they will follow you :) 


P.S. If you notice any errors in my writing... it really just confirms that I do have a learning difference. I could spend LOTS of time editing my work or I could hire an editor and maybe someday I will but I feel my message is needed so I will move ahead as is. If you feel you want to edit my work...I would love a volunteer to do this.  Just reach out and support us in any way ;) 

Susan Schenk