Reflection on the Shift Your Thinking LD Summit


It's been almost a week since we meet in Mississauga for the 3rd Live Shift Your Thinking LD Event.  

We had incredible speakers!  Dr. Kristen Neff on self-compassion.  An area we need to focus on more as we walk through the demands we face when supporting our families. Dr. Kelly Arbor Nicitopoulos looked at physical activity and mental health.  Dr. Irina Matveikova focused on the importance of understanding the gut and brain connection.  These are topics that a new to the learning difference community but we know all these topics are connected and I share this in my Dread in Your Child's Head opening talk.  I also look at how technology can help support your child by looking at more than just school-related skills.  

But when I step away from the content and just reflect on the day, I think about our community. 

I think about the conversations that I see happening between parents.  The conversations I have with others at the event. 

It really is about the relationships that are developed and the need for people to come together. 

When I firsts spoke about my learning difference to a group of parents in another setting, what hit me was the lack of connection and discussion.  Everyone was quiet and walking around without saying a word to others, yet I knew they were hurting in some way.  It hit me that there had to be a way to offer a space where parents could feel safe and open to discuss their needs and interact with others -- that's how we learn and offer others insight and hope.  

Each Summit offers more of this connection and communication.  And with that, our support within our Shift Your Thinking organization grows with incredible volunteers which I can't thank them enough.  THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. 


Shift Your Thinking Team

WE continue to make plans into 2018. 

We question...What will Shift look like next year and how can we support our growing online community.  How can we support the parents that find it difficult to get out to the Summit? Can we offer more workshops?  We ask these questions to determine the next steps. 

"To work to support others is a service.  And this is what we are doing right now."  


Susan Schenk