It does take a village to raise a child.

It takes a village to raise a child - proverbs - Shift Your Thinking LD Summit

I know we think we can 'parent' our child all by ourselves and most the time we do, but we need so many other supports to help us along the way.  

We need family, friends, professionals, and other trusted people that can guide us to support our child and their needs, whether that's learning, social, emotional or physical.  

As parents, we know our child the best -- and that's what we can bring to others -- our observations and thoughts. But others can also bring hope, reassurance, guidance and strategies.  

Being and working together -- is the key to raising your child.  

we need a village of many people to raise our child.  

Trusted, caring and loving people that have your best interests at heart and they want the best outcome for your child.  

If you are sitting at home wondering what you are going to do to help your child or you think no one else has the issues you are facing, or no one else would even understand -- know that this is not true.   

You're not alone.  

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Susan Schenk