Learning Differences, Resilience + Big Dreams!


I am a dreamer. It's just who I am. I see the big picture, and I move towards it even when others think it's not possible. 

Maybe this resilience came from my own learning challenges that made me stand up and push through the words and thoughts of others - to not let others determine what I could or couldn't do. 

I spoke these words, 'I will change this' to a Resource Teacher that stated I couldn't do anything more to help 'these kids' and that day I declared I would, and I felt it in my whole body. There was a fire that lite in me that day that I will always remember. 

I felt that stir again when I watched a music video from Kelly Clarkson called People like Us. I know ...crazy right....a music video... but you have to watch it to understand that our voices and actions are needed to help kids that learn differently. ( I think you’ll might get fired up too…in a good way. No fights or blaming…just action!)



The video spoke to me so profoundly that I had to lead this movement...somehow....someway. I had to be one of the people to show children what it really meant to be a person that learned differently. That they were incredible and full of such gifts and talents -- they were full of colour! (if you watch the video you will know what I mean) I wrote my book, Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible, as the start of my movement and this lead to me meeting Sperry, and together we continued to walk our this dream to support and empower others. 

As I mentioned my dreams are BIG, but one part of my dream was to create a space where parents would feel safe to share, learn and leave empowered when it came to their child that learns differently. 

A place where professionals and parents could share their thoughts without shame or blame and hear each other so we could all move towards the same goal to shift how we view and approach learning differences. 

And this Sunday...the words spoken to me from parents and professionals confirmed to me this part of my dream was coming true!

And the best part, this was just the beginning! I could feel it! 

They felt safe and not alone. 

They felt the heart and passion of the speakers and their desire to help our community - through their stories, wisdom takeaways, and time dedicated to those in front of them.

They felt the desire to learn more and continue to get support from our community through our Parent Membership Community and our new Professional Resource Hub

I could feel our community in a new way. 

And I want you to feel this as well. 

You don't have to attend the Summit to get this experience (although we want you there next year)

You can get the experience by being in our community in every possible way. 

So today, I ask you if you have a 'fire' in you to change the world of learning differences? 

If so, comment on our blog post!! 

Let's do this together!!

With Hugs, Hope, and Inspiration


Susan + Sperry