Bored already....summer just started

Bored already ...summer just started

Bored already!! How can that be??? 

Your child has been wanting this time off for a long time but now they are B-O-R-E-D. 

You see it in their face and body language ^^^^^^ 

So what has a few years in the MOM business taught me...

Tip #1 for the first day of summer:  Consider the first day of summer a vacation day to have a ton of fun such as pool parties, friends over. etc.  You get the idea. Now I am blessed to be at home with my kids at this time but the same ideas can be set up through other people -- grandparents, neighbours, etc.  The idea is to have a solid plan of activities but not so much structure that it feels like school :) 

Tip #2:  Plan out the week as much as possible with your children.  What days will you be away from the house. What days can they have friends over.  Just focus on one week at a time.  This helps them see what's coming up and when they have this plan they can usually settle into quiet playing time KNOWING  that some fun times are coming around the corner.  Read this article to more information on planning. 

Tip #3: A trip to the dollar store can lead to fun times at home after -- bubbles, swimming with a new floating device, art work and other quick fun games.  

Tip #4: Check the weather -- plan to get outside as much as possible when it's nice and then on the days it's raining you can tap into the dollar store crafts, have a fun movie night, etc. I find if I'm kids eventually come outside too!  

Tip #5: Being bored isn't always so bad.  It allows your child to tap into creating and using their mind in a new way.  That's usually when the best inside forts are built or your child discovers their love for cooking.  I believe if we over-schedule our child's time they may not know how to be content.  Read this article for more on this thought. 

I love these tips Susan.  In our house growing up saying the word bored was considered a 4 letter word.  One of my goals in the summer is to have my kids experience boredom.  They need to be able to slow down the pace, self regulate, and figure out how to relax.  Relaxing is an adults many of us do not know how to do it very well.  It really is ok to do nothing.  Personally, I love the lack of routine and each day being a new adventure.

Here are a few things we have done in our house:

Tip #6:  This year I have already resorted to if I hear the word bored more than 3 times the person is helping me with a chore.  The transition is always tough being so busy in the school year with routine and then nothing. However, chores and additional organizational tasks that would not normally get done are a great way for the children to contribute and grateful for the free time when they are done.

Tip #7: In our house, bored really means -  I do not know what to do or how to spend my time.  When I use this translation and meaning I am a little more patient with the word. Being bored allows them to take responsibility for what they are doing with their time and not rely on others to entertain them.

Tip #8: One of the first things we do at the beginning of the summer is to write down activities that they would like to do-- that they never have time to do.  When they are feeling bored they can look at the list and pick an activity they are in the mood for.  Things such as finishing the Meccano set that never was finished from Christmas, vlogging, planting a veggie garden, working out.

Tip #9:  We have created a Summer Kid Board on Pinterest with lots of inexpensive ideas for kids of all ages. This also helps me when I need some ideas. When the kids were younger we would pick a subway stop out of the jar and then go to the stop and check the area out.  This was a very simple, cheap activity.  They also learned skills regarding asking for directions, reading the map, etc.  The other thing I love to do is to just drive in one direction or the kids tell me where to turn or exit the highway and see where it takes us.  You never know where you will end up. :)

Tip #10:  The kids get to pick three things they want to do that summer.  We make sure we check these off our list.  If I am lucky two or all three want to do the same thing.  In the past few years, I have been lucky because they have all wanted to go camping.  This year they want to go to the Nerf Battleground with their cousins and uncle....I guess less painful than paintball.

Tip #11: My youngest has come up with a daily checklist of things he wants to do everyday.  He is my upholder (check out Gretchen Rubin's habit tendencies.) He wants to practice is saxophone, workout, play soccer and swim.  He feels great when he gets all these four things done each day.

So boredom can be tackled a few ways and viewed a few different ways.  

Coveting our boring time...

Susan and Sperry

Susan Schenk