ADHD and Girls: What is the confusion about?

ADHD and Girls Image.jpg

This week a discussion came up in our Facebook group about ADHD and girls and all the factors to consider, like hormones and emotions.  So I decided I would look into this topic a little bit more and see why there is confusion around this topic.

Here are some of the points to consider: 

1. ADHD symptoms with girls may be viewed as personality traits. 
2. Girls are more likely to internalize their symptoms. 
3. Girls tend to mature faster so when compared to boys they don't have as many overall concerns. 
4. Girls may work at keeping the ADHD symptoms from being noticed by being the perfectionist (as much as possible). 
5. Girls are assessed for other related issues such as depression and anxiety instead of the root cause of ADHD. 

When ADHD is not identified girls self-esteem can suffer.  We need to look more into the world of ADHD and girls to support them as soon as possible :) 

Susan Schenk