What are the strengths of kids with dyslexia?

The Strengths of Dyslexic Kids

Does it make you a little crazy when people only focus on the areas your child is struggling with but they don't offer you insights into your child's strengths? 

Of course, there is a reason to focus what your child needs support with but there is also a time to focus on all the great qualities your child has.

Today we are offering another video that focuses on the dyslexic strengths and how your child's brain is designed to think to allow them to bring their gifts to the world.

Let's list a few here: 

Can see the Big Picture

Problem Solver


Making Connections Others Don't See

Spatial Knowledge and Manipulation

Thinks in Pictures

Seeing in a More Holistic Way

(taking all things into consideration mood, experience, knowledge etc) 


(never gives up)

Accurate Prediction

(based on patterns they observe)

and so many more!!

Take a moment and watch this video from Hack ADHD & Dyslexia to learn more about dyslexia and the brain HERE

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