Will Shift Your Thinking LD Summit support me and my child?

Will Shift Your Thinking support me and my child?


Many parents have approached us stating that their child doesn't have dyslexia or LD or ADHD but they feel what we have to offer would really help them. So here are our thoughts: 

Your child has a diagnosis but it's NOT dyslexia, a learning disability or ADHD. HOWEVER, the materials we cover at the Summit fit what you need to hear and would HELP you and YOUR CHILD.  

Then we say COME AND SEE US.  We want you at the Summit.  

We want to support parents.  But to cover all the needs of all different diagnosis would be difficult and honestly, we can't do it all. 

However, you know what information you need as a parent and if we can provide that -- then please join us at the Summit or by getting our Video Package. 

So if you want to know about anxiety or dread, how exercise helps your child's brain health, how technology can support learning and why the gut is called the 2nd Brain -- then come to the Summit this October.  


Susan Schenk