You’re just starting out with our PMC and you want some support to figure out where to start.

We get that!

We created a Welcome Week during the first part of our PMC when we offered times when the PMC would be open to the public. As we moved through the monthly, we felt the PMC needed to be open all the time so our Welcome Week is now the starting point for you to move through using our videos and workbooks.

To get you started move through the questions to figure out where you need to start.

ask yourself these questions:

Do you feel overwhelmed right now?

Yes. Complete Stop the Overwhelm part of our Welcome Week. Click on the yellow box to get your workbook and hit play to watch the video. (and/or listen to the audio)


No. Move onto the next question.

Do you need to review and reflect on what your child’s concerns are?

Yes. (this is something we need to do regularly to help us move forward and see the progress as well) Then complete the Review and Reflect part of Welcome Week. by working through the workbook and watching the video(s).


No. Move onto the next question.

Do you need help putting your concerns + observations into words — so you can get the support your child needs?

Yes. Then complete “Get the Details” part of Welcome Week. The workbook offers you a checklist to move through — then watch the video(s).


No. Then move to the next the next question.

Do you need a plan to help you move forward to support your child?

Yes. Then move through the “Plan and Action” part of the Welcome Week. Get the workbook and watch the video(s). Then plan to join our Monthly Planning Call to help you move through each month with a new plan and accountability.


You’ve moved through the Welcome Week or questions, so now it’s time to look at specific topics to help you and your child.

SPECIFIC topics questions:

Do you need support with your child’s emotions?

Do you need to know more about ADHD?

Do you need help when it comes to Learning Differences/Dyslexia?

Do you need help with Parenting?


You have moved through the questions put you still need some more support?

No worries!

Just fill out this form to let us know what you need support with and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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Susan is the co-founder of Shift Your Thinking LD and works with Parents as an Occupational Therapist at Technology & Tools for kids.

Susan Schenk trains and coaches parents raising kids with learning differences how to use technology and strategies to help their child learn in a way that fits them. She’s the parent of three children that learn differently and so does she! She is the author of Beyond Ok: from Invisible to Invincible which shares her learning journey as a child, parent and an Occupational Therapist in the school setting.

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