Hey there my friend! 

If you are here,  you've already invested in the Shift Your Thinking LD Summit and we would like to personally welcome you to our new community!  

We are so excited that you are coming to the May 13th Summit!

The day is going to be amazing with experts and parents like you and me, open to learning and finding practical ways to support our children. 

We want you to feel supported and gain the tools and resources that will help you support your child and their learning in a powerful way. 

To start with, we would love you to join our Private Shift Your Thinking Group.  Here you can chat with other parents that will be part of the Shift Your Thinking Community -- either at our live events or through our online pass. We want to bring parents together from within your neighbour to across the country and beyond! 

What can you do now?  

1. Connect with us!

  • If you are on Facebook, join our Private Facebook Group to share ideas, thoughts, questions and concerns. 
  • If you are on Twitter, join us as we tweet away @shftyourthink

2. Consider what workshop you would like to attend in the afternoon. 

The afternoon workshops are open at this point. meaning you can select what workshop fits you on that day.  But it's still good to take a look at the options and plan for the day -- so take a look at the agenda and think about what workshop you would like to attend. 

3. order your lunch ticket ASAP

If you are wondering about purchasing the SYT Lunch Ticket -- please do that as soon as possible as the tickets will close April 28th so they can prepare the food.  We don't want you to miss out.  Of course, you can bring your own lunch or buy food from the surrounding vendors. 

If you have any suggestions or questions - please leave us a message by filling out the form below! 

We can't wait to meet you! 

Susan Schenk + Sperry Bilyea