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Self regulation: what is it?

with sperry bilyea


This month we will be looking at the methodology of Self Regulation by Dr. Stuart Shanker. Dr. Sonia Mastrangelo is a trained psychologist and expert on this method.  This methodology is practical and can really make a significant impact in understanding yourself and your child’s stress cycles.  Self-regulation is the ability to manage your own energy states, emotions, behaviours and attention.  There is a little more science to it and it does take practice so our goal is to take the overall concepts and and make it accessible for your everday family life.  Self-Reg will indeed make a difference—a huge one—in dealing with problems like explosive behaviour, aggression, defiance, tantrums, persistent crying, bouts of frenzy and constant arguing.












I have three awesome kids who all have a diagnosis of some kind (LD, ADHD, GAD) including me, their mom! They’re creative, quirky, funny...and I wouldn’t have them any other way.

But because they didn’t fit the school system, not only did their confidence plummet — so did mine. I felt like I was failing them as a mother. The angry outbursts, dark thoughts, substitute teacher escapades and medication trials overwhelmed me.

I was an emotional wreck, riding a roller coaster of shame, guilt, sadness, and confusion. I knew I needed support, but I didn’t even know where to start.

I tried everything from traditional to alternative medical experts...social workers, nutritionists and meditation practices.

And it wasn’t until I found Susan Schenk that I got the answers I was searching for and the support I was desperate for.

Once I experienced Susan’s coaching, I realized the thing I had to change most was my perspective. I came to understand and appreciate my children’s differences. I found tools, strategies and approaches to fit them instead of fix them. And after learning calm ways to connect with my kids, I rediscovered joy in parenting again.

I brought my networking, researching and conference skills forward to help create the Shift Your Thinking LD Summit. From there, Susan and I continue to serve and support parents through our live Summit and hosting our Parent Membership Community.

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