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what do we focus on?

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the learning difference brain

We want to learn about how THE LEARNING DIFFERENCE BRAIN WORKS such as dyslexia, learning (dis)abilities and ADHD.  So we can understand and move forward.

child's wellbeing

Your child needs to experience successes with their way of learning and maintain their self esteem.  Your child's wellbeing and mental health can't be left to chance. 

Focus on the whole child

We can't separate our child into pieces, we need to look at all aspects of our child, their learning, physical health and wellness. 

school challenges

With each learning difference there are school challenges.  Knowing how your child learnings and what tools and strategies can help are need to allow them to make progress. 


parenting strategies

Traditional strategies have left us confused and overwhelmed.  Let's look at strategies you and your child really need.

Making progress with skills and behaviour

Behaviours are our child's way of communicating with us.  Let's look at how we can address behaviours and skills that need to be developed to allow them to be successful. 

Our Parent community

As our community grew from Canada to worldwide, we had to grow into a new platform to service the parents that need support to help their children who learn and feel differently.  We wanted to offer hope and insight into what they could do without feeling overwhelmed.  

Our Community is in it's development stage to ensure we can offer the 'bite-size' content that parents can easily apply to their child's life.  

We focus on YOU the parent. 

We focus on the ABILITIES your CHILD HAS. 

We focus on the CHALLENGES you and your child are facing. 

We focus on ALL areas of your LIFE...because you can't separate a child or person into pieces.

(at least we don't want too....are you with us?  Great!)

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New resource bundle each Month

With the STY Parent Community, you will receive a NEW bundle of resources each month focusing on one area of interest.

You can watch the "bite-size" videos or listen to the audio as you drive.  

You can read and work through the documents that are provided as well. 


(It only makes sense that we offer all ways to learn...right!!)

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monthly call with the expert

After you review the information in the monthly bundle, you will have a chance to access the Expert or Incredible Learning Difference Person that will dive into the information a bit more with our conference call. 

If you can't make the scheduled LIVE call.  NO worries.  You can send your questions in advance and then you can watch the replay.  You won't miss a thing!! 

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Monthly planning call

We all need support when it comes to planning and deciding the next steps to take.  To help you with your plan and offer some accountability to this plan, the monthly planning call is designed just for this reason.  

Get the support you need.  The time you need to plan and the accountability to take action.  

We all need this. (head nodding)

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Parent private group

We can learn from experts but we can also learn a lot from others that have been through similar experiences.  The Private Parent Group will allow you to get the support you are looking for from parents that understand.  

You will get updates in this group to ensure you know when the Monthly Resource Bundle will be available and when the month calls will be happening!!  


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What will the community focus on? 

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How to best support your child's way of learning to allow them to see their learning ability is needed to maintain their self esteem and to empower them to have a voice for their learning methods. 

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emotional health

Emotional health is the focus for you (the parent) and your child to work through some of the challenges you both are facing.  Emotional, social, and mental health issues are ever present in the world of learning differences and now is the time to address these needs.  

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How to do you approach discipline when other issues are causing anger and frustration.  How do you support your child in a way that allows them to be empowered and not hopeless.  Parenting  support is needed to guide your child. 

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physical health

Your child may face physical health issues that see parallel to their learning differences.  The gut-brain connect is an area we will address to support your child's physical, mental and emotional health to ultimately support their abilities to learn.