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 We offer international speakers both at our lIve Summit on Sunday November 4th and through our incredible Resource Hub + Digital Library offer even more speakers and inspiration when it comes to changing how we view and approach learning differences.

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SYT Summit Flyer

Please feel free to download our SYT Summit Flyer to share with your community, school, friends and family.  We would really appreciate it!

SYT School Letter

Please feel free to download this SYT Principal School letter and share with your school community, teacher, parent council and/or principal. We are offering group and free tickets for the SYT Summit. If you are support parents in your organization please reach out to use if you would like a group rate as well.




Shift Your Thinking LD a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping school leaders, teachers and parents work together to identify how to best support children with learning differences in the classroom and at home.

On November 4th, the annual Shift Your Thinking LD Summit in Mississauga to give parents and teachers who have children with LDs, dyslexia, ADHD, and/or mental health concerns like anxiety access to leading experts from all over the world.

Best of all, online recordings will also be available for those who can’t attend live.

The upcoming Summit is focusing on self-compassion, exercise and mental health, mind gut connection and technology. It is about embracing how your child learns and your family’s well-being. Your child is designed to think the way they do.

Workshops on self-regulation, perfectionism and self-esteem, homework battles, and routines and organization - will leave attendees with practical strategies that you can implement right away.

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When most people think of a perfectionistic child they think , high achieving. “Type A”, organized and well groomed. Often terms like “she’s such a perfectionist” are thrown around as a casual compliments, and yet the psychological research on perfectionism paints a vividly different picture.
Perfectionists can be disheveled, absent minded, disorganized, and struggling to stay afloat. Perfectionism is never helpful, and is often at the root of students disengagement, low motivation, risk aversion and fear of showing up. In this talk we’ll discuss how you can help your children break through their perfectionistic impulses, to learn how to show up, take risks, be seen , stay motivated and engaged and become resilient in the face of disappointment. Listen to her speak on Nov

Copy of Homework battles.jpg

Homework seems like a dirty word. Yuck.

As parents, we tend to picture the battle that starts up the minute homework is pulled out. We feel the pressure to get it done. To ensure our child is doing the work. To push them to meet the expectations that are put in front of them. Over the years, through my Mom experiences and my training as an OT, I slowly figured out that homework has another purpose. And when you tap into this new purpose, it will change how you approach and view homework. You and your child will start to move away from the tears and into strategies that not only help your child at home but in school too. To learn more, join us at the Summit!


When your child has a learning difference there are challenges you will face that others may not understand or realize, so how can you deal with the challenges at home in a way that fits YOU and YOUR child. How do routines and schedules offer you a way to move through the challenges. Lynne Newman will be speaking about simplifying your approach to support your child. To learn more join us at the Summit Nov 4th

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Today’s children and parents are dealing with higher levels of stress than in past generations. This talk introduces you to self-regulation, a powerful method for understanding and responding to your child’s (and your own) stress, energy and tension. Sonia will cover

The impact of excessive stress on children and adultsThe importance of relationships for good parenting

The difference between stress behaviour and misbehaviourHow parents can use self-regulation strategies to understand and respond to children’s stress. How self-regulation can strengthen our relationships with our children. To learn more join us at the Summit Nov 4th

Dyslexia Quest Podcast.jpg

Shift Your Thinking Summit Speaker: Elisheva Schwartz.

Elisheva is a dyslexia researcher, mother, wife , intelligence re-difiner and podcast host. She’s on a mission to decode the dyslexic mind, and empower the dyslexic community to fully understand both the strengths and the difficulties of the processing style. Both her academic background, in Cognitive Science and Education, as well as her own personal experiences with dyslexia, allows Elisheva to draw on a unique blend of both the personal and scientific. Elisheva often writes, blogs, talk and presents about dyslexia, cognition , learning, creativity and intelligence. Her Podcast " The Dyslexia Quest" was rated the 29th top podcast in the Education Category on iTunes. Listen to her speak on Nov 4th:

Lynne Newman Pic.png

Shift Your Thinking Summit Speaker: Lynne Newman.

A former-perfectionist and sensitive soul, Lynne Newman is the mom of two spirited daughters and the wife to an 8 year-cancer-warrior. She’s an inspiring speaker, author and holistic occupational therapist. She loves to support women and their families make small yet profound changes so they can enjoy life no matter the situation. She is also a certified simplicity parenting family life coach, birth doula and Reiki practitioner. Her ultimate wish: That every mother and child listen and trust their intuition. She will be speaking on Simplicity and Routines for Families. Listen to her speak on Nov 4th :


Shift Your Thinking Summit Speaker: Sonia Mastrangelo.

Sonia is an Associate Professor at Lakehead University Orillia in the Faculty of Education, associate editor of the International Journal of Holistic Early Learning and Development and former special education teacher.  She will be speaking on Self Regulation at the Summit. Listen to her speak on Nov 4th

Susan Schenk.jpg

Shift Your Thinking Summit Speaker and Co-founder: Susan Schenk

Susan is a catalyst for change and passionate about learning differences!  She is a mom of three, a holistic occupational therapist, speaker and author of Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible. She loves to support parents and professionals when it comes to empowering learning differences and using technology as a tool to gain skills and confidence. She has trained OTs across the globe with her iPads at School course.  She will be doing a workshop on the Homework Battles. Listen to her speak on Nov 4th

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You're trying to figure out how to best support your child's learning...grab ur ticket #LD #dyslexia #ADHD #syt2018


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Come here Sonia Mastrangelo speak on Self Regulation: A Poweful Framework For Understanding and Responding to Your Child’s Stress, Energy + Tension #selfregulation #syt2018

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