Hanada Kardassopoulos's Summit Presentation:

5 Step Process to Uncovering Your Child’s Potential

Hanada Kardassopoulos provides practical steps to help with uncovering your child’s potential.



Hanada Kardassopoulos

Hanada brings over 20 years experience working with children and adolescents in the Ontario educational system. For the past 12 years, she has been and still is a principal in many varied communities, both geographically and ability based. 

She is the founder of Pathways for All Inc. Her mission is to be an advocate and support for any child, adolescent or family as they seek the most suitable pathways to achieve their goal(s). She works in partnership with psychologists, speech and language pathologists, pediatricians, physio and occupational therapists, and IBI/ABA therapists to understand and apply the assessment outcomes to the educational and home settings. Because of her many years of experience, Hanada is able to interpret various forms of assessments (e.g., psychological educational assessments, speech and language assessments, OT/PT reports, Pediatric Developmental Assessments etc.) and use them to set short and long-term goals that help families help their special needs child reach full potential. Click here for more information about Hanada and her mission to help families.

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