Dan Rooney's Summit Presentation:

Tools to Help our Kids When they are Stressed Out.

Dan Rooney gives practical advice how to support kids who are stressed out.


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Dan Rooney

Dan has had a full, integrated and rewarding 25 year career in Child, Family, Individual, Mental Health and Social Services.
He has a well-established Private Family Counselling Practice in the West End of Toronto. In his practice, Dan sees and works with Children, Families, Couples and Individuals who are working with and through their personal and social issues.
As a trained Adlerian Therapist, Dan also has a sub specialization in children's Learning Differences and Distinctions. This distinction more commonly referred to as a Learning Disabilities Disorder (L.D., ADD/ADHD-"DSM 5 R") creates social and emotional fallout which can be converted into strengths and uniqueness if identified, accepted and work with when initial problems surface.
Dan believes this is best seen and understood as the challenges children and their families face more as a case of "the problem is the problem" rather than the child's problem, their parent's problem or a family problem.
Dan currently teaches Mental Health First Aid Certification Training for the Mental Health Commission of Canada, as part of the federal initiative to develop a national Mental Health Strategy for Canada.
This Initiative and subsequent training promotes a greater understanding, appreciation and acceptance of Mental Health issues and challenges to individuals, corporations, service industries and learning institutions across the country. Click here for more information.

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