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This is a 'working' document -- as we will be adding in books and resources as we connect with others.   If you have a recommendation for the page please let us know by filling out the form below and we will review to see it if fits our focus on this page.  This is not an all inclusive page but it offers a starting point to look for what you need to support your child now. 

The links for the supports are usually within the title -- so click on the title to move to the website of the resource person, book or site. 

learning Differences/Dyslexia/adhd 

our real people resources

susan schenk: technology & tools for kids

whole child focus: learning + emotional + physical needs

Susan is an Occupational Therapist that works with parents to review the strategies that will support their child's needs with learning as one of the main focuses --using technology and other tools to allow your child to gain skills and confidence in their learning ability.  Parent Strategy Sessions allow her to work through the concerns and develop and support a plan to move parents and their child forward.  Grab a 15 minute time to chat with Susan about your child and your concerns. 

Susan Schenk:  invincible mama program

Whole child focus: Learning + emotional + physical needs

Invincible Mama Program is a roadmap to supporting your child's learning journey.  It's about helping you and your child understand HOW they learn and WHAT they need.  When you do this, you are empowering them to learn their way and giving them a voice to say what they need.  After 20 years in the school setting and 15 years supporting her own children and their needs at school and home, she completed the Invincible Mama Program which allows you to plan and figure out your next steps to help your child.  

Matthew turton: Breakthrough learning

whole child focus: learning needs

Matthew offers supports for children with various learning needs.  Review his site for more details (LD, Dyslexia, ADHD) 

Dan Rooney: Adlerian Therapist  

whole child: emotional Health

Dan's specialty is angry and/or anxious boys between 6-15.  He has helped many families over the last 25 years but his true gift is the way he can connect with the children.  He is one of our speakers for the November 2016 Summit.  You can here his thoughts on anxiety and how to approach it from the heart.


whole child: learning needs

LearnStyle offers cloud based training from Google and Microsoft 365 to meet the needs of teachers, students and schools.  

Marlene Stern: Psychologist

whole child focus: learning assessment

There are many reasons I love Marlene but one reason is she does the assessments.  I really feel she knows my child by the end of the assessment. She is extremely professional, responsive.  Her office is downtown @ Yonge and Eglington.

Rosanne field:Clinical psychologist

whole child focus: learning assessments

Rosanne is located in Goderich, Ontario.  She offers psych-educational assessments.  She also has an 'insiders view' of learning differences and brings this to her assessments. 

ANDREA ROSSI: HOlistic nutritionist



Andrea has worked with our family.  We have all participated in her cleanse when my son had to for health reasons.  She is extremely knowledgeable about gut health.  I think there is a strong co-relation to gut health and mental well being.



Meditation and Mindfulness classes at home for your family.  Marni was one of my Christmas presents to my family.  We had 5 sessions and had a little homework to focus on each week.  The music and instruments also really helped with my children.  Marni really takes the time to get to know your family and customize the class to your family needs.

Adrienne Edgar 

WHole person Focus: Emotional Health

Adrienne Edgar is the founder of May You Know Joy.  She helps moms, women how to reduce stress, be mindful and find joy in their lives.  She also has developed meditation cards that everyone in the family can use and benefit from.

Hanada Kardassopoulos

Whole child Focus: Learning Needs and Advocacy

Hanada brings over 20 years experience working with children and adolescents in the Ontario educational system. For the past 12 years, she has been and still is a principal in many varied communities, both geographically and ability based. 

She is the founder of Pathways for All Inc. Her mission is to be an advocate and support for any child, adolescent or family as they seek the most suitable pathways to achieve their goal(s). She works in partnership with psychologists, speech and language pathologists, pediatricians, physio and occupational therapists, and IBI/ABA therapists to understand and apply the assessment outcomes to the educational and home settings. Because of her many years of experience, Hanada is able to interpret various forms of assessments (e.g., psychological educational assessments, speech and language assessments, OT/PT reports, Pediatric Developmental Assessments etc.) and use them to set short and long-term goals that help families help their special needs child reach full potential.

Connected Parenting

Whole Child Focus: Emotional Health

All children and teens can be challenging at times, but some are different. They don't seem to respond as well to the sensible consequences and strategies that work with other kids. At Connected Parenting, you'll learn to use the tools that therapists use to help your child to develop the emotional and neurological hardware they need to deal with whatever life throws at them.  Jennifer Kolari and team teach and practice the CALM technique.  Jennifer's books are on our resource page.  We love them.

Dr. Aileen Burford Mason

Whole Child Focus: Physical Health - nutrition

Dr. Aileen Burford-Mason Ph.D is an immunologist, cell biologist and nutrition consultant. Her many scientific papers have been published in leading medical and scientific journals. 

Currently Aileen divides her time between her private practice in nutrition and in lecturing to medical and allied health professionals on the evidence based use of diet and supplements in health maintenance and disease prevention. 

Her first book Eat Well, Age Better has become a national best seller, popular with doctors and health care professionals as well as the general public. Her new book The Healthy Brain will be published by HarperCollins in the fall of 2017.

Ciara Foy

whole child focus: physical health - Nutrition

Ciara Foy helps overachievers understand their health. By helping them prioritize their internal life and create room for self-care, she gets them on track towards becoming their happiest, healthiest, most efficacious selves.

Regardless of what brings people to her in the first place—whether stress issues or depression or lack of balance—Ciara blends her background in high-pressure, corporate environments with her coaching expertise to offer unapologetic, straightforward methods that appeal to driven, high-achieving movers and shakers.  

This workshop is reviews the how food impacts mood, energy and focus.  You do not have to get into food battles to get your kids to eat healthier.

Sarah Rosensweet

Whole Child Focus: Emotional Health

Sarah Rosensweet is a peaceful parenting coach. She lives in Toronto with her husband and three big kids (ages 9, 12, and 16). Sarah helps parents become the parents they want to be- with a non-punitive, connection-based approach that that feels good and works. Sarah is certified by Dr. Laura Markham as an Aha! Peaceful Parenting Coach. 

This workshop is reviews how to emotionally coach your child so they can develop healthy emotional resilience and how to  regulate your own emotions and the 3 parenting practices you need to handle anything.

Toronto Family Network

Whole Child Focus: Learning Needs and Advocacy

Janis Jaffe - White and Reva Schafer are a grassroots organization helping families in the GTA around advocacy and learning needs to support the child in the classroom in the for over 20 years.

Janis Jaffe White or Reva Schafer 416-484-1536, torontofamilynetwork@gmail.com

Beth Berry


Beth Berry was one of our online speakers and she is also a life coach.  She is heart centered and helps other mom's who are feeling a little lost.  She is a beautiful writer and has a very successful blog called Revolution from Home.



Serving families for over 20 years focusing on mindfulness and meditation for parents, children and teachers, mental health promotion, parent wellness and raising resilient kids.  She is working on an online school that we are super excited to learn more about.

Jane Kristoffy

Whole Child Focus: Learning and Organizational Needs

Jane Kristoffy is an educational consultant for the GTA.  She worked many years as a middle school teacher and guidance counsellor in both the public and private schools, I counselled hundreds of students through the high school transition process. This experience, combined with my intricate knowledge about GTA schools in all systems, gives me the insight and understanding to recommend best fit schools and programs to unique individuals.

Lauren Millman

Whole Child Focus: Emotional Health

Lauren Millman is a Toronto Marriage and Mental Health Counsellor and Parenting Expert, in private practice since 2004, helping Individuals, Couples, and Families improve their lives, and live in harmony and happiness.  An International Best Selling Author, and recently featured in The Toronto Star, Lauren writes for several online E-magazines including BrazenwomanSiruisXMPinkandBlue, and the Canadian Association for Marketing (and Business) Professionals.


Whole Child Focus: Learning and Emotional Health

They work with families in need of individualized support for your child or teen.  They will work to build a holistic plan to support your child or teen at school and/or at home.  Room for Learning strive to foster child and family wellness through education based accommodations, intervention strategies and individualized resources. Room For Learning has workshops for kids and parents.


Oaklearners's mission is to inspire creativity, foster technique and encourage confidence. They aim to nurture growth by developing individuality and promoting community. Oak Learners offers an alternative learning atmosphere after school, working with your child’s unique learning style to inspire their strengths and interests. They offer a wide range of programming designed with creative and inquisitive learners in mind, supporting growth “wholistically” (taking into consideration the whole body, person, or unit, the mind, body and spirit, emphasizing the importance of the whole as well as the interdependence of its parts).  Oaklearners is located in the west-end of Toronto.

our favourite books


journals. planning. 


Invincible Mama Program 

Road map and planning - through journalling and watching videos 

Invincible Mama Program is a roadmap to supporting your child's learning journey.  It's about helping you and your child understand HOW they learn and WHAT they need.  When you do this, you are empowering them to learn their way and giving them a voice to say what they need.  After 20 years in the school setting and 15 years supporting her own children and their needs at school and home, she completed the Invincible Mama Program which allows you to plan and figure out your next steps to help your child.  



our favourite podcasts


the dyslexic quest by elisheva schwartz

Elisheva Schwartz focuses on research and the brain when it comes to Dyslexia and Learning Differences 

Distraction by Ned Hallowell

Dr Hallowell covers many topics as it's related to ADHD.  He has ADHD and is a Doctor that focuses on this topic to support families, adults and kids. 

Luvin My Dyslexia with cheryl hooper

This podcast interviews people with dyslexia and the issues that they face and the success that they can achieve.

Psychology Podcast by Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

Dr Scott Barry Kaufman dives into psychology and brings it to life in his podcast.

Tilt Parenting

This podcast is hosted by Debbie Rieber and her son Asher who are living in Amsterdam.  Debbie is writing a book.


our favourite blogs 

Learning Needs

Shift Your Thinking Blog

Susan Schenk and Sperry Bilyea will share research, insights and the Shift Your Thinking journey in supporting parents with kids that have LDs, dyslexia and mental health such as anxiety.

beyond ok

Well...it's hard to leave this out! This is the blog for my book Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible.  The shift we need to see when it comes to learning differently -- it's a way of thinking that needs to exist.   

My Lowrites

 This company was created by a boy Mylo.  They have tools to help kids write.  It has a fresh perpective.

totally add

 Rick Greene also has a really funny blog on ADHD. 

adhd kids rock blog

This is an amazing blog for kids, parents and teachers written by a teenager


Great blog post with lots of the latest research on ADHD and parenting written by Erin an ADHD heart centered coach.

Family and Parenting

Revolution from Home Blog

Beth Berry has a beautiful blog about family, life and living life the fullest.

Sarah Rosensweet - Peaceful Parenting Blog

Sarah's blog is refreshing on parenting and life.

A Fine Parent 

This is a great parenting blog that has different perspectives and approaches to parenting.  There are many contributors.  I have found the posts to be very helpful.

Roma Khetarpal

Jessica Joelle Alexander

Jessica is the author of The Danish Way of Parenting.  Her approach to parenting is a message that all parents could benefit from.


our favourite social media

You can go to Shift Your Thinking twitter and see who we are following so you can track with the leading edge thinkers.

  1. Jennifer Kolari Talk  talks about Connected Parenting amazing advice on how to connect with your kids. 

  2. Dyslexic Advantage A ton of information and resources on dyslexia. 

  3. David Flink - Founder of eye to eye.

  4. Jeff Rasmussen - 16 year old amazing 10 minute video about what it feels like to have ADHD including flash cards for teachers and parents  


our favourite websites

by diagnosis or Subject


  1. Understood. This is an awesome resource for learning and attention issues.  They have a great parent toolkit.  I really like the articles and find the site very helpful. 

  2. Eye to Eye -  We love this organization.  They set up college kids who have LDs to mentor high school kids with LDs.  They are almost in every state.  We would love to have some sort of program like this in the near future.

  3. TILT PARENTING BY DEBBIE REBER - Debbie started Tilt Parenting around the same time Sperry and I started to create the Shift Your Thinking LD Summit.  It was great to connect with Debbie to confirm we were on the same path and that we could be there to support each others quest.  Debbie also has an podcast!

  4. A Fine Parent


  1. Center for ADD Awareness Canada, CADDAC    Full of resources, content, latest research on ADHD.  There is some great resources for parents on this site.
  2. Dr. Kenny Handelman -  Canadian Psychiatrist and author.  I love his book.
  3. Dr. Ed Hallowell -  psychiatrist, he has written some great books on ADHD.
  4. Totally ADD - Rick Greene - This is one of our favorite sites on ADD. It is funny and very educational.  There is some great resources on sleep. 
  5. HonestlyADHD - Erin is a ADHD coach.  She has a great blog as well and support group on FB for ADHD parents.


  1. Technology & Tools for kids Susan Schenk - Helps you support your child to learn at the level they can understand (Dyslexia, LD, ADHD). 

  2. Decoding Dyslexia Ontario -  This is a very active community.  Annette runs this organization and is extremely knowledgeable about dyslexia.

  3. Elisheva Schwartz - http://www.elishevaschwartz.com/  She has some great free resources for 22 Assistive Technology Tools for Student.  She also has a great favorites page.

  4. Decoding Dyslexia - http://www.decodingdyslexia.net/

  5. International Dyslexia Association - http://www.idaontario.com/

  6. Dyslexia Training Institute -  - They also list some good documentaries to watch on dyslexia and LDs. 



our favourite movies

totally add

Great Movie on ADD. 

Temple Grandin

I love this movie.  An amazing true story.

Read Me Differently

This documentary is by Sarah Entine.  She films about her dyslexia and how it affected all 3 generations.

9 Films that cover dyslexia

There is a great article on Understood.org about 9 films that cover dyslexia with descriptions.  I have not seen any of these films but I have put them on our list to watch.

  • The Big Picture - Rethinking Dyslexia
  • Journey Into Dyslexia
  • Like Stars on Earth
  • Dislecksia: The Movie
  • Inside Dyslexia
  • The Secret
  • Embracing Dyslexia
  • Being You 


Our most update Resources will be provided through our RESOURCE HUB & DIGITAL LIBRARY


** This is not an all inclusive list and we can't support the outcome of the resources through this list. It's here as a resource and a starting point to support this community.  



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