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This is a 'working' document -- as we will be adding in books and resources as we connect with others.  See our Learning Difference Pages as well !

our favourite books


journals. planning. meditation.


Invincible Mama Program 

Road map and planning - through journalling and watching videos 

Invincible Mama Program is a roadmap to supporting your child's learning journey.  It's about helping you and your child understand HOW they learn and WHAT they need.  When you do this, you are empowering them to learn their way and giving them a voice to say what they need.  After 20 years in the school setting and 15 years supporting her own children and their needs at school and home, she completed the Invincible Mama Program which allows you to plan and figure out your next steps to help your child.  



our favourite podcasts


the dyslexic quest by elisheva schwartz

Elisheva Schwartz focuses on research and the brain when it comes to Dyslexia and Learning Differences 

Distraction by Ned Hallowell

Dr Hallowell covers many topics as it's related to ADHD.  He has ADHD and is a Doctor that focuses on this topic to support families, adults and kids. 

Luvin My Dyslexia with cheryl hooper

This podcast interviews people with dyslexia and the issues that they face and the success that they can achieve.

Psychology Podcast by Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

Dr Scott Barry Kaufman dives into psychology and brings it to life in his podcast.

Tilt Parenting

This podcast is hosted by Debbie Rieber and her son Asher who are living in Amsterdam.  Debbie is writing a book.


our favourite blogs 

Learning Needs

Shift Your Thinking Blog

Susan Schenk and Sperry Bilyea will share research, insights and the Shift Your Thinking journey in supporting parents with kids that have LDs, dyslexia and mental health such as anxiety.

beyond ok's hard to leave this out! This is the blog for my book Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible.  The shift we need to see when it comes to learning differently -- it's a way of thinking that needs to exist.   

My Lowrites

 This company was created by a boy Mylo.  They have tools to help kids write.  It has a fresh perpective.

totally add

 Rick Greene also has a really funny blog on ADHD. 

adhd kids rock blog

This is an amazing blog for kids, parents and teachers written by a teenager


Great blog post with lots of the latest research on ADHD and parenting written by Erin an ADHD heart centered coach.

Family and Parenting

Revolution from Home Blog

Beth Berry has a beautiful blog about family, life and living life the fullest.

Sarah Rosensweet - Peaceful Parenting Blog

Sarah's blog is refreshing on parenting and life.

A Fine Parent 

This is a great parenting blog that has different perspectives and approaches to parenting.  There are many contributors.  I have found the posts to be very helpful.

Roma Khetarpal

Jessica Joelle Alexander

Jessica is the author of The Danish Way of Parenting.  Her approach to parenting is a message that all parents could benefit from.


our favourite social media

You can go to Shift Your Thinking twitter and see who we are following so you can track with the leading edge thinkers.

  1. Jennifer Kolari Talk  talks about Connected Parenting amazing advice on how to connect with your kids. 

  2. Dyslexic Advantage A ton of information and resources on dyslexia. 

  3. David Flink - Founder of eye to eye.

  4. Jeff Rasmussen - 16 year old amazing 10 minute video about what it feels like to have ADHD including flash cards for teachers and parents  


our favourite websites

by diagnosis or Subject


  1. Understood. This is an awesome resource for learning and attention issues.  They have a great parent toolkit.  I really like the articles and find the site very helpful. 

  2. Eye to Eye -  We love this organization.  They set up college kids who have LDs to mentor high school kids with LDs.  They are almost in every state.  We would love to have some sort of program like this in the near future.

  3. TILT PARENTING BY DEBBIE REBER - Debbie started Tilt Parenting around the same time Sperry and I started to create the Shift Your Thinking LD Summit.  It was great to connect with Debbie to confirm we were on the same path and that we could be there to support each others quest.  Debbie also has an podcast!

  4. A Fine Parent


  1. Center for ADD Awareness Canada, CADDAC Full of resources, content, latest research on ADHD. There is some great resources for parents on this site.

  2. Dr. Kenny Handelman - Canadian Psychiatrist and author. I love his book.

  3. Dr. Ed Hallowell - psychiatrist, he has written some great books on ADHD.

  4. Totally ADD - Rick Greene - This is one of our favorite sites on ADD. It is funny and very educational. There is some great resources on sleep.

  5. HonestlyADHD - Erin is a ADHD coach. She has a great blog as well and support group on FB for ADHD parents.


  1. Technology & Tools for kids Susan Schenk - Helps you support your child to learn at the level they can understand (Dyslexia, LD, ADHD). 

  2. Decoding Dyslexia Ontario -  This is a very active community.  Annette runs this organization and is extremely knowledgeable about dyslexia.

  3. Elisheva Schwartz -  She has some great free resources for 22 Assistive Technology Tools for Student.  She also has a great favorites page.

  4. Decoding Dyslexia -

  5. International Dyslexia Association -

  6. Dyslexia Training Institute -  - They also list some good documentaries to watch on dyslexia and LDs. 



our favourite movies

totally add

Great Movie on ADD. 

Temple Grandin

I love this movie.  An amazing true story.

Read Me Differently

This documentary is by Sarah Entine.  She films about her dyslexia and how it affected all 3 generations.

9 Films that cover dyslexia

There is a great article on about 9 films that cover dyslexia with descriptions.  I have not seen any of these films but I have put them on our list to watch.

  • The Big Picture - Rethinking Dyslexia

  • Journey Into Dyslexia

  • Like Stars on Earth

  • Dislecksia: The Movie

  • Inside Dyslexia

  • The Secret

  • Embracing Dyslexia

  • Being You

** This is not an all inclusive list and we can't support the outcome of the resources through this list. It's here as a resource and a starting point to support this community.