You are investing in your child -- and when you look for ways to understand and support your child it's an investment that will keep on giving.  

Investing is about 'doing' now and 'reaping' later.  This doesn't mean you have to wait to see progress. Small steps lead to big results.  You have to will see progress with the right tools and supports.  

You are investing in the right place -- for the right reason-- to support your child's learning abilities and all the areas around this.  Trust your gut and join us!

when you buy a live ticket you get: 

  • Beverages and Snacks at break time (food is very important!)
  • Access to 3 speakers and your choice of 2 workshops   
  • Take-away handouts 
  • Access to Our Community FB group 
  • A Virtual Gift bag: a page of resources, contacts, recommended apps, etc



Early bird LIVE event ticket

Ohhh to be early!  There are rewards for that...and this is one of them.  Get your ticket early and you can take that saved money and treat yourself. 

Be an early bird.  And join our private FB group to chat with others that will be attending the event.  You can even see what the speakers are up to!

Not only that you will receive these bonuses immediately: 

* the WHOLE video package from Nov 2016 Summit - which offer 13 videos from all the speakers, the slides to review and any handouts offered from the presentation and workshops! Yipeee!!



regular LIVE event ticket  

Regular ticket rate begins April 7, 2017. It will be great to have you there.  

Want to know where Humber College Lakeshore Campus is -- go to the Agenda. 




video package: watch the videos after the event(along with the online speakers)                         

Don't miss a thing!  You can watch all the videos of the speakers for this amazing event.  If you can't make it, you can watch the videos when it fits your schedule.  You can also download the PDFs that the presenters and speakers are offering. 




bring a friend/partner along ticket

Bringing a friend/partner is a great way to feel supported and to help each other.  If you know someone that needs more support, more resources, more understanding when it comes to learning differences -- bring them along -- it's the best present ever!

Not only does it pay to bring a friend -- you will also get the same bonuses as the early birds!!  Yup, all 13 videos to watch and the slides to review ...and the handouts from the speakers in 2016!! All before the 2017 summit! Now that is sharing the love...don't you think!


Lunch  at the summit 


Instead of running around looking for lunch, why not just plan to have it there.  Order your lunch now - there will be salads, sandwiches, vegetables and fruit.