Programs offered by Shift Your Thinking

What supports might help you and your child - take a look at some of the partner programs.


strategy sessions

School is here and you want a plan to help you support your child better.  You may have the assessments and suggestions but you just don't know where to start or what to focus on first. Strategy Sessions are designed to support you and your child's needs. 

Invincible Mama Program

Invincible Mama Program 

Work through the steps to figure out what your child needs to support their learning and other needs they have when they learn differently.  The summer is a great time to read, write and listen to the videos -- so you are ready for the fall. 

Learn Their Way Program

Learn their way program 

Learn Their Way offers you the support you are looking for without the 1:1 Professional cost. You will find ways to support your child's learning and other related skills by selecting the resources you need.  You can jump in the Facebook group or on a monthly group planning call for added support.

This program is coming this Nov and only requires a monthly payment and no obligation to stay.

When you invest early - the rate you sign up with is the rate you will always pay!