If you are here, my friend, we've already had a chat and you have offered to be one of our incredible online speakers at our Shift Your Thinking LD Summit. 

We are so excited to have you part of our Summit this October 21, 2017.

You are an expert in your field and we feel you have something incredible to offer the parents who are ready to learn more about empowering themselves -- and their children that learn differently. 

Shift Your Thinking LD Summit is about offering new insights and hope when it comes to learning in a different way.  We focus on the whole child and their family which is why we cover such topics as anxiety, emotional health, nutrition, the gut and second brain, physical health and personal stories about people that have succeeded with their learning difference.  

We may have already chatted about a topic that will fit your expertise and the focus of the Summit.  Just take those ideas and write out a catchy title! We have the steps we need completed below.  You can complete them all at once or by the deadline offered.  Whatever works for you :)  

We ask that you share your insights but then bring your information into layman's terms for parents to apply these tips at home with their child. 

We will use what you post on the forms for our website.  So please fill out the form and complete the few steps listed below -- so we can share your message and expertise with our audience. 

Again we are thrilled to have you here!

The Summit is Saturday Oct 21/17 and it will be at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre and Library. 

If we have any questions about your presentation please email Sperry at sbilyea@sympatico.ca or Susan at susanotkids@persona.ca

getting ready for the summit:

We want to tell others about YOU!

step 1

image of you, bio and title of your talk by august 7, 2017.

First we need a beautiful image of you. It can be a professional image or a photo you love of you and really represents your talk.  You can send the image to susanotkids@persona.ca

Fill out the speakers form below.  Right now we really need your bio and the title of your talk.   That way we can get started on letting others know about you.  This is a sample image of the social media graphics we send out: 


P.S. Don't worry if the title of your talk changes slightly. We just need a share who you are and the topic you will be covering for the Summit. 

P.S.S. It's a good idea to copy and paste the information you complete in this form to another document you can keep.  For two reasons, first,  it helps you remember what you are focusing on when you plan out your talk. Second, if this form has a 'hiccup' and doesn't work it's nice to just copy and paste your information into the form instead of writing it out all over again.  (it's only happened once...but I don't want you to have to complete it again)

P.S.S. We want to share the Summit Speakers on Social Media. Please list any social media accounts you have so we can tag you and share our Summit with you. 

step 1 form:

This will be posted on our site with your image :)
Permission to use your content/material *
Please confirm that we have your permission to use your material for our audience. You keep your copyright and use your content where you want. WE thank you for sharing your information with us and our audience.
This will be posted on our site with the summary
What's the best way to share your topic?
We have limited space (see sample above) so select what profession or company you want posted
We would love to tag you in the images we share of you or just list the awesome speakers we will have. Please retweet and share the images as well.
We would love to tag you in the images we share of you or just list the awesome speakers we will have at the Summit. Please share the images as well.
We would love to tag you in the images we share of you or just list the awesome speakers we will have. Please share the images as well.

step 2

summary and takeaways from your talk by August 25, 2017

You will have some time to work on your summary and the takeaways for our audience. So the next step is to provide us with the summary so we can add it to our website under the speaker tab.  You will have a image of you, a link to your site and the full bio. See a sample here.  

Name *

step 3

Send us your video or schedule a time for our interview by sept 22/17

Let's schedule the inspirational chat (or interview - but that feels formal!) by using my scheduler listed here.  

Start with my scheduler to see if there's a time that works for you.  If not email me and we can work out another time. The interview will be on my Zoom video conference - you can use your laptop or find the app to work from your phone which ever works for you the best.  Our chat will be recorded for others to watch later in our video package which is offered after the conference is over. 

I will send you an email the day before our chat with the link to the Zoom account. 

Here are a list of questions we may ask you: 

Name *
Questions for the Interview *
Please check off any questions you would rather not answer.




step 4

Share the Shift Your thinking ld love! starting August - October 2017

You want others to know that you are talking at the Shift Your Thinking LD Summit or you have a great workshop/interview online.  So let's share the love.  

We will post and tag you so you can share with others. Let's fill the seats both live and online to grow our community.  

Use Hashtag #shiftyourthinkingld for twitter and instagram

Step 5 

consider being a sponsor as well to give our audience more insight into what you do. 

We have different levels of Sponsorship which will fit different marketing needs you might have.  


thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and time with us!

Susan Schenk  + Sperry Bilyea