what do we focus on?

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the learning difference brain

We want to learn about how THE LEARNING DIFFERENCE BRAIN WORKS such as dyslexia, learning (dis)abilities and ADHD.  So we can understand and move forward.

child's wellbeing

Your child needs to experience successes with their way of learning and maintain their self esteem.  Your child's wellbeing and mental health can't be left to chance. 

Focus on the whole child

We can't separate our child into pieces, we need to look at all aspects of our child, their learning, physical health and wellness. 

school challenges

With each learning difference there are school challenges.  Knowing how your child learnings and what tools and strategies can help are need to allow them to make progress. 


parenting strategies

Traditional strategies have left us confused and overwhelmed.  Let's look at strategies you and your child really need.

Making progress with skills and behaviour

Behaviours are our child's way of communicating with us.  Let's look at how we can address behaviours and skills that need to be developed to allow them to be successful.