Our Impact

We want to reach millions.  But before we can do that we have to focus on one person at a time.

Each person that attends our live Summits, signs up for our Resource Hub or Parent Membership Community -  is a member of our movement to change the views and approaches we bring to the children with learning differences.

We strive to reach children through parents and professionals but the amazing thing is when we touch the lives of adults, we also heal the adults.  The adults that didn't 'see' their learning different or truly understood the learning difference that was in them the whole time.

With words of acceptance for the children we also allows the adults to accept this part of them for the first time ...and in return accept the children in front of them.   This is the powerful part of our of Shift Your Thinking Movement.  It is generational as well as for the present child. 

The story of our learning differences have reached others. 

The story of our acceptance and views of the power of learning differences are our heart messages.

Our belief and perception that this way of learning and being is needed in the world, as the strengths of those with learning differences will bring great change in the world.  Is in our core belief.

So we started with our first Summit in the fall of 2016.  It was a time to step out with our thoughts and visions for what was needed in this community. 

Today our community has grown and continues to grow each day into the movement that we only dreamed about.

We have moved outside of our live Summit from Mississauga Ontario Canada -- and have touched many lives all over the world.  

We have touched those that live in our country Canada...along with United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, India, Philippians, Ireland, United Arab, Spain and we are not done. 



We are continue to tap into our community to find out what they need and where they are coming from and how we can best serve them.

As our community grows our way of serving people is changing. 



We are blessed to serve and reach so many people.