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This is the home of the Shift Your Thinking, It was started in 2016 by our founders, Susan Schenk and Sperry Bilyea. We want to offer you insights into learning differences such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities and Anxiety! But not just that, we want you to gain clarity and confidence when it comes to supporting your child or the students/clients that are in front of you.

And we are building out different ways to serve parents and professionals (and yes, event youth!!)

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Support + Serving You

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Our Parent Membership Community

is where you will gain clarity and confidence when it comes to your child’s learning and other needs!

Take a look at our PMC …we offer you ongoing support through our Monthly Expert content and Q + A live calls. Not to mention our Monthly Planning Calls and awesome community! It’s so good! Check it out!

Shift Your Thinking Summit Speakers 2019

Our Annual Live Summit

We have our annual live Summit in Toronto during the fall months. We love to bring experts, parents and professionals together to connect and learn! Our next Summit is Oct 2020! But don’t worry our 2019 Summit Videos will be available soon!


You want insight into your child’s needs (learning, social, emotions, etc) so you can decide on your next steps. We’ve got you covered!! You can get access to awesome Expert videos and then get your questions answered by with our Expert the next week!

Each month we offer new Expert content and a Live Call. (awesomeness right there…so keep coming back to find out what we are covering next or jump on our email list)

Check out the topic this month and who you can talk to directly!

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YOU are wanting to learn more…and we have the experts for you inside our Resource Hub. Our digital library is full of insights, experiences and strategies. With over 30+ Summit speakers! The speakers cover a range of topics when it comes to learning differences such learning. emotional, social and physical health. You can access the speaker’s videos, slides and resources today.


But we’re not done yet!! How about our free Facebook group and Resource Page!!

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