Tummy Aches and School - What does this mean?

Tummy Aches and School | Shift Your Thinking

You noticed your child has had a lot of tummy pain lately since school started.  

What is this all about?  

You think, " Is this something?"  But when you ask, others say it's just an excuse and send your child to school.  "They will be ok."  

But you are not sure. Why is this happening? 

Tummy aches are real.  

They could be a physical response to what your child is dealing with at school.  

Your child could be dealing with silent learning struggles.  They may not understand why they can't get things done like their friends but they don't know how to let others know.  I can only relate to my own story.  I'm not sure if I had stomach aches but I didn't feel well many days when I was at school.  I felt ill and wanted to lie down.  I thought I was making it up - how could I feel good at night and ill during the day.  So I didn't say anything.  I didn't let others know I was struggling with my learning or that I didn't feel well.  I just kept going and on the days I was really ill...I found comfort in being at home knowing the illness was real (when in fact my other illness was also real).

With learning struggles your child might find themselves in a 'fight and flight mode' all the time - leading to tummy pain and anxiety. 

It's real and the intestines are important...more important than we realized in the past.  That's why we have our speaker Dr Irina talking about the intestines and their importance.  That's why we have Dr. Kelly talking about exercise and the importance of mental and physical health.  That's why we have Dr. Kristen Neff talking about self compassion and how it's more important than self esteem.  That's why I'm talking about the dread inside your child's head and the power of technology to support your child's way of learning.  

Tummy pain needs your attention.  And it's part of our mission to help take a closer look at what the intestines deal with and why they are called the 2nd brain. 

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Susan Schenk