Debbie Reber - our Keynote Speaker at our 2019 Summit

Debbie Reber Shift Your Thinking LD Summit Speaker

We are so excited to have Deborah Reber as one of our Keynote speakers at the 5th annual Shift Your Thinking Summit on Sunday September 29th.

Deborah and her family have just recently moved back from Amsterdam to New Jersey, so I’d say life has been busy for her these past few months and yet she said yes when we asked her to speak at our 2019 Summit!!

Deborah is a writer, podcaster, founder of Tilt parenting and disruptor focused on bringing awareness to how our society supports “differently wired” neurological atypical children at school and at home.

She has supported my family and my self for many years now. We shared the same view and she was able to articulate it so well my feelings in her writing.

She started Tilt Parenting in the same year,  Susan and I started Shift Your Thinking and we soon connected knowing that the more voices and organizations that can help shift the way we support these amazing children the better.

And so here we are working together again as Debbie will be speaking at our Summit covering this important topic:

The Gift of Personal Growth

Parents raising differently wired kids know there is no such thing as autopilot or phoning it in—our kids demand a level of relentless attention, support, and focus we may never have anticipated. Yet, when we make the conscious choice to truly lean in to who our kids inherently are and set the intention of doing what it takes to help them thrive, our own personal development is sparked in fulfilling, powerful, and beautiful ways. In this talk, Debbie explores the unexpected gifts differently wired kids bring into our lives when we’re willing to accept who they inherently are, and shares ideas for how to foster our own personal growth spurts, which ultimately leads to happier kids and more connected families.

It’s an amazing topic about growth and how our children are not the only ones growing through the journey we are on.

If you want to learn more about Debbie before meeting her live at our Summit there are a number of ways you can do that:

  1. She just recently did a Ted Talk in Amsterdam about how we need to support these children and their families.  

  2. Her book is candid and talks about the loneliness, shame and nerve wracking it can be as a parent supporting our children. 

  3. Her podcast and Asher’s (her son) are very insightful and helpful. Deborah’s podcast interviews experts all over the world in this area – in fact Susan has been one of her guests as well. I’m not sure about you but when my children were younger podcasts were a great way to bring experts and research to my doorstep as I did not have time to find them!

  4. Debbie and Asher also is part of our Resource Hub if you’d like to learn more from them there! (along with all our other speakers)

We need to come and work together to make this giant shift that is necessary in our school systems and our homes to support our beautiful differently wired children. I am so grateful for Debbie’s work and the relationship that we have developed over the years.

Susan Schenk