Amanda Stern - our Keynote Speaker at our 2019 Summit

Amanda Stern Shift Your Thinking LD Summit Speaker

I love when amazing people come into my life. It was Amanda, she hit reply to our email to let me know about her and her book and how she loved what we were doing.

Within minutes our emails were going back and forward and we had set up a time to chat on the phone. Again our conversation was easy and Amanda’s sense of humour came quickly into the conversation. She would send her book to me and we would work together soon.

Well her book, Little Panic, arrived and I thought I would start to read it ….and within a few pages of the book, I knew that I had to wait and read this during my vacation when I could really dive in to the whole book without stopping.

Little Panic on the Beach

I read her words about her learning and the struggles she so vividly described it made it seem as if she had just experienced the struggles. It was as if she was in her classroom writing the experience as they happened.

I was amazed as I felt I was with her in the classroom …facing my own learning struggles and anxiety of not being able to do something that others could do so easily.

Amanda writes about her childhood friend who attempts to help her in class (the life-line that so many of us have to get by when we struggle to learn something is just not making sense to us). Her friend sits with her and attempts to teach her when she is the same age and doesn’t fully understanding how Amanda was struggling with this skill that seemed easy for her. I don’t want to give away the gems inside this book but I want you to understand the emotional experiences that Amanda walks you through — school and learning is just one of those experiences.

Her story moves into a world of anxiety, assessments, family dynamics — offering you a true picture of anxiety from many perspectives.

Amanda states in her book, “The kids around me are carefree and happy, but I’m not, and life doesn’t feel easy for me, ever, which means I’m being a kid in the wrong way.

You can’t see the wrong on my outside, but I wish you could because then my mom would get me fixed. My mom can fix anything; she knows every doctor in New York City.”

After completing her book (which by the way was the first 400 page book I have ever read — hands up to all those with a learning difference!!) I knew she had to be part of our community. She had a message that others needed to hear.

Amanda has joined us as a Expert inside our Parent Membership Community and is also one of our Keynote speakers at the 5th annual Shift Your Thinking Summit on Sunday September 29th.

She is talking about a topic I feel needs to be heard:

Anxiety and Learning Struggles

When kids are diagnosed with learning issues, emotions aren’t often taken into account, but more often than we realize kids who have trouble learning often have anxiety. How do we know if our child is suffering from learning differences and anxiety, and what should you do about it?

Come and join us at the Summit, to learn more about anxiety and learning differences. Meet Amanda face-to-face as she opens the doors to an area that must be explored more.

If you want to learn more about Amanda before meeting her live at our Summit there are a number of ways you can do that:

  1. Visit her website and check out her anxiety resources.

  2. Read her story inside her book Little Panic

  3. Join our Parent Membership Community and dive into her videos and workbooks to learn more about anxiety.

We need to come and work together to make this giant shift that is necessary in our school systems and our homes to support our beautiful differently wired children.