Did you struggle to learn? Why not let your child know.



Many parents talk about their child's learning struggles but they are quiet about their own. 

When speaking at a conference a few months ago, a man approached me to ask what he could do to help his child.  He knew they were smart and capable as I had mentioned in my talk but he was at a loss of what he could do to empower them. 

Talk to them about you. 

How you learn? 

Is it similar to them? 

Can you relate? 

Then let them know... 

Because when we take ownership of our way of learning without the shame so will our children. 

It will give them what they need to continue to walk through this learning journey -- you have a powerful role to play as a parent. 

You can say...me too. 

I learn in a way that is similar to you. 

Or guess what, you can read better than I can (celebrate this too) .

Let them know we all have strengths and weaknesses but that they are not alone.  It's not just about them.  You have your own learning journey too.  

Finally, share what works for you when you are learning and help them set up their own way of learning — this is a hidden gift that must be unwrapped today!


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Photo by Andre Benz