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You are here because you need more information about anxiety so you can support your child. Anxiety and other emotional needs are a common part of learning differences and impact learning on their own.

So, you’ve come to the right place. We know anxiety is not easy for your child or YOU. We’ve designed a home where you will get access to not just one expert but many! You can learn from home when the time is right for you by watching our Resource Hub speaker videos, join in on our Parent Membership Community to get the support YOU need and coming to live at our annual Summit. This is our dream nonprofit home for parents like you.

Scroll down to see what experts we have with us … along with a few great books and blog articles.



Dread Inside Your Child's Head

with Susan Schenk

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Self Compassion: A Key to Parenting

with Dr Kristen Neff


The Gut Mind Connection

with Dr. Irina Matveikova


Little Panic Approach to Anxiety and how to Support your Child

with Amanda Stern


Anxiety Books and Blog Articles

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Learn More -- Click on the Image

Learn More -- Click on the Image

Learn More -- Click on the Image

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